The Hopi’s Star Children

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Our native American friends the Hopi believe in the Star Children.

Modern-day hippies call them the Indigo Children — a new strain of paranormally-inclined humans which are believed to have emerged during this Age of Aquarius to try to bring us back from the brink of total destruction — but I’m pretty sure the hippies got their ideas from the Hopis.

Indigo Children can be identified by their ADD, ADHD, OCD, Asperger syndrome, and even autism. Often nervous and fragile because they function on a higher vibrational frequency, they supposedly behave much like the three empaths in the Minority Report — unable and/or unwilling to interact with most of the modern world, because it is too loud for them, because they see and feel more than most.

The Hopi contend it is the Star Children who will ultimately repair the Koyaanisqatsi — their word for “life of corruption and turmoil, life out of balance.” Arwen told me this, because Arwen’s mother is a bit of a new-ager and told her.

Or maybe Arwen’s mother is a bit of a new-ager because her daughter is a preternaturally talented artist-seer, a reluctant empath afflicted with back shivers and psychic twinges, who walks to the phone before it rings.

When she was a very young child, Arwen was fond of telling her mother “people don’t do that where I come from.” When her mother asked her where it was exactly she hailed from, without fail, Arwen would point to the Pleiades, her favorite star collection.

Arwen hates all the New Agey buillshit surrounding “Indigo Children” now, but doesn’t deny the fact she might be one herself. She’s good friends with a Hopi shaman who taught her many things about the world, and the end of the world.

The Pleiades, incidentally, is a constellation directly associated with the Star Children. Her Hopi dude told her that, years later. Not her mom. Then Arwen showed the Pleiades to me in the sky — and it’s the little faraway cluster of stars at which this writer has always gazed, up in the night sky, as if it were something special. (Spoooooky.)

Anyhoo, the Hopi believe when the “Blue Star” makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge. Some “helpers” will shake the earth a couple times, and if they shake it the right way, the Fifth World can come without disaster. Some believe the earth-shaking times were WWI and WWII.

However, if the “helpers” — interpreted as whole populations rather than individuals — fail to make peace and see us as a human family, then World War III will be started by those ancient peoples who first received “the light” (i.e., the cradles of civilization: Palestine, China, India, and Africa).

America will be wiped out by “gourds of ashes” that fall to the ground, destroying once-fertile land and rivers, and causing a disease nothing can cure. Ultimately, the Blue Star’s arrival will herald a day of purification.

The white man call this day of purification the Apocalypse.

Most Hopi believe the Blue Star to be (or to occur in conjunction with) a “house in the sky” that was also prophecied — space shuttles, airplanes, maybe a comet. But could it be television?

Could the “house in the sky” be the lofty place of importance we give to such a hypnotizing and usually-worthless drug? Could the “Blue Star” be the ominous glow emanating from living rooms all across the world?

Could the “purification” be the use of this machine for a massive social shakeup which leads to radical self-reliance and a greater sense of equality and balance?

Could the Blue Star come in time to thwart the “gourds of ashes” in the inevitable third shaking of the Earth? Or are we too late? Too far gone into the Koyaanisqatsi?

Are we getting ready for World War Three, or the golden age?

The Hopi also prophesy that on the Day of Purification, they will be flown to other planets on ships without wings.

Could the Blue Star be a spaceship? … or the soft blue glow of the world’s computer screens at night?


Well, they’ve been right about all the other stuff. Some Hopi end-time prophecies include the white man building iron snakes that traverse America (railroads), as well as a spiderweb in the air above it (telephone and electrical lines) and stone rivers that criss-cross each other (highways).

The second-to-last sign is the oceans turning black — any oil spills going on out there in the world? — and then eventually, the Earth’s poles flip, and everything floods, and the Blue Star arrives.




Just one more thing Arwen told me.

The Hopi also say the world is going to end when their tribe’s well runs dry.

The city of Las Vegas just ran the Hopi’s well dry last year.



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  1. coincidentally tonight after I read this blog post. I turned on the tv (something I don’t often do) and watched ‘the news hour’ on pbs, which had this report on nevada’s water situation:

    you think the oil wars are bad, the water ones are gonna be much worse. it’s so ironic to me to hear people talk about how important it is to ‘grow’ the economy, and then downplay environmental concerns. we can’t just keep growing like a cancer, the facts are bare, without the cooperation of the environment, and without water there is no economy and no civilization.

    lately, I’ve been daydreaming about living in one of these:

    could be a useful piece of architecture for the growing community out there…..there are plenty of used tires around…..and beer bottles…….

  2. billions of people around the world, from Columbia to Mindanao live without potable water or proper sanitation facilities. conflict in Sudan over water rights (ie. access to watering holes) may soon become a standard basis for conflict in many places, resulting in genocide as that embattled country has seen.

  3. Could House in the sky = international space station? Blue star = planet X? Hmmm…

  4. Hello People,

    its funny you write about such a connection between
    indigo’s and hopi’s….

    well i am a 20 year old “indigo” child(merely a label) and have
    made the connection between indigos and hopi in my heart and soul quite clear to me. i am currently going to seek them out when i move back to
    arizona. and i feel only they will tell me why i have come to them

    also not to mention i was born on there sacred lands, and have
    traveled them much and felt the spirits, all before i ever knew
    about indigo’s or hopi prophecys etc…btw im not native, im a mut

    anyways i have been making this connection between us and
    communing it to fellow indigo’s but not many will take it to heart.

    either way i shall be with the hopi soon, and together our wisdom shall
    create something new

  5. i am a ‘modern day hippie’ as you coined it, or as i’ve better heard us being referred to as: ‘the second wave of flower children’, and my autistic son is an Indigo Child.
    We are also Metis, however, i was born this way; with these ideals. They were not borrowed from the Hopi’s or anyone else outside of myself.
    That is the very aspect of indigos, star children, and rainbow warriors.

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