militant agnostic: I don’t know and you don’t either

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(headline stolen from a bumper sticker)

[begin rant]

We are on our own, but we are together. We have let ourselves go, and on the other hand, we are so close. This is why “God” has “abandoned” us. We’re supposed to get the message that — sorry to be like this but — change comes from within. Put another way, like the Seemen’s famous T-shirt: I am sickened by your weakness.

Put aNOTHERnother way, handle your business and don’t worry about anybody else. They’re doing them. You do you.

So many people saying they’re talking to God, calling dibs on God, killing on behalf of God. Who says who God is? … Exactly. So shut it, everybody. We don’t want to hear about your God, any more than we want to hear about your toenail fungus, because some things really gross us out, and watching insecure beta-dogs fight over a scrap of meat next to a meat pile is one of them.

Religious intolerance is tired and stupid. However, this whole “HOPE – WISH – PRAY – DREAM” outlook on life is anathema to a few certain superheroes we know, too — because it still displaces personal responsibility, just like religion does. It flaccidates back to relying on other people, or loftier intangible “things” and spirits and whatever’s better than us … rather than emphasizing the fact that we create our own realities, and we should all know we’re strong enough to have everything needed within us. Jesus walked on water in order to show us it was possible.

Couched in hippie yay-everything rhetoric, any kind of pie-in-the-sky optimism still smacks of dependence. These heroes we know are the true founders of that festival in the desert … and the ones for whom anything other than radical self-reliance can and should go out the window.

Some of them believe quite literally that if a person really, really wants to walk into the fire, you should let them. This might be a little Nietzschean, but in a way, it’s the way it’s been for most of human history. Help anyone who needs, of course, and let people lean on you, but do NOT be one of the people who always leans on everyone else. You voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death, just by attending this event.

Flying Spaghetti Monster’s Toast Shroud of Glu-Tin

Everything is within. God and the Devil are inside of you. Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth. We can sculpt everything to our specifications. We do.

Those who realize this get the backstage pass / free rein.

Those who pray TO God-or-whatever, asking for things, might actually have less faith in God-or-whatever than those who meditate, and realize that God-or-whatever IS taking care of us, or is NOT taking care of us, because GOD-or-whatever IS US. Or something a little higher than us. Or Not-Us.

Are we getting it? … Is this the way of the ancients? The way of the future?

FSM noodles over all of us. Ra-men

With everything in life, there is hierarchy. But it is fluid. Whether someone(s) constructed this system is almost certain, rather than the universe and humanity simply having happened randomly. This is why “God” (or whatever) has given the human race free will and a sense of conscience, and an ability to create, dance, make music and art, and manufacture magnificent and terrible products. These are the only things animals can’t / don’t do.

We control the future. Yes we do. YES WE DO.

“God” has given us these things — or we have given ourselves these things, in some sort of virtual program we’re all running on the other side of the one-way glass we can’t see into — God has given us these things to see what we decided to do with them.

[end rant]


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