Nicotine addiction cure: Stop smoking with cream of tartar

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We have a friend who is going to stop smoking forever after reading this.

She told us she wanted to quit, and we told her we’d do the interweb research and figure out the Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse way to quit: Detox, self-o-therapy, and the animal-vegetable-mineral answer which always lurks somewhere in this pharmaceutical world.

And did you know this? We didn’t know this. Cream of tartar, a.k.a. potassium hydrogen tartrate, pulls nicotine out of your body.

step one: breathe

Half a teaspoon of cream of tartar in an 8-oz glass of o.j. before bedtime will send the nicotine packing via your sweat glands and elimination tracts. You take it before bed so your body has all night to do its work peacefully and thoroughly. A spice-jar of cream of tartar and a couple gallons of orange juice (not from concentrate) costs about 10-20 bucks per week. Nicorette costs $40 a pack.

Cream of tartar also replaces necessary potassium lost in the habit. Some say the chemical change resulting in the pH of your body causes it to fight off bacteria better. Some say it causes you begin to dislike the taste of cigarettes, too. The o.j. makes detox easier because the vitamin C scavenges the free radicals you put there by inhaling something on fire with chemicals a lot.

studies have shown half a teaspoon of cream of tartar in orange juice lessens the number of dogs playing poker

According to ehow, cream of tartar also fixes urinary tract infections and heartburn. Also, it’s made from wine crust and is a vital ingredient in Play-Doh. It stabilizes and creamy-fies eggs and sugar in the world of culinary tricks. It cleans brass and copper cookware and metal coins, and can be combined with vinegar to super-clean stovetops and crusty pans. Cream of tartar is what you add to baking soda to make baking powder. FOOD SCIENCE!

We suppose you could even do the remedy and keep smoking, and clean as you go, as it were. But nobody in the litigious “real” world will tell you that part. If you drink cream of tartar and orange juice as part of your quitting-smoking regimen, and you’re mindful and contemplative about the nature of your cigarette habit and how it promises to provide you false comfort and spiritual transformation in some way but never comes through … then you smoke fewer cigarettes, because there’s less of a nicotine reservoir in your body that needs to be refilled, and you detox your body chemistry down to where you can quit all the way, cold turkey if you like, without getting totally stabby.

imagine them clean, pink, bubbly, effervescent, and full of light (or lightning bolts, for the metalheads and other new-agey-talk haters)

Okay, friend? That’s how you’re going to do it. So, review your list of 20 tips to help you quit smoking, and then … do or do not. There is no try.

We double dog dare you.

(p.s. – More is NOT better. Half a teaspoon in one glass, before bed. Or you will be ejecting fluids from your rectum. Overdoing it gives you the runs.)

Read this article from Dr. Janet Hull, and read her advice here:

Here are some tips to quit smoking:

Ebb Off Cigarettes
* Once you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking, and start a no-smoking regimen, be consistent! If you try this drink, do it every night without fail. The following day, if you reach for a cigarette, you may think twice about it. You may even decide not to have that cigarette.
* Reduce the number of cigarettes you have each day, and you should be able to wean off them completely by the end of one month, if not sooner.
* Most smokers smoke “habit” cigarettes, e.g. smoking while on the phone, after a meal, or while driving. So, eliminate these habit cigarettes by changing your smoking habits. This reduces the number of cigarettes smoked without creating the feeling of loss that reducing the number of cigarettes often creates.
* Each time you buy a pack of cigarettes, change brands to one that is less appealing to you. It may reduce the pleasure of smoking, and confirm how nasty they can taste.
* Do not buy cartons of cigarettes; buy one pack at a time, and only after you have finished a full pack.
* Each day, wait an hour longer than the prior day before lighting your first cigarette.
* When you have a strong craving for a cigarette, wait five minutes; meanwhile, do something interesting, something that takes total concentration and takes your mind off smoking.
* As each day progresses when you have not had a cigarette, it gets easier to break old smoking habits.

the lungs are the wings of the body — so won’t you fly, Freebird?

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  1. great info, and great timing! i have been 6 days cigarette free, so you are also helping me stay that way.

    thanks summer, keep up the good writing.


  2. careful tho
    long term heavy smokers are generally medicating something huge
    a researcher in Saskatchewan about emptied a psych ward by reintroducing smoking
    and if your prone to Alzheimer nicotine seems to postpone onset by about 5 years
    lungs or brains…..lungs or brains….and other harsh choices
    actually just popped by to drop this off hope it self links
    bet you’ve heard it before tho
    your getting a following here in the great white north ….blessings

  3. Wow I quit between 25 to 30 years ago thank God. I had seen this picture of lungs pink and black but I was to young to understand and smoked anyway, but did stop later and I still know friends who smoke even if they see pictures on cigarettes packs does not seem to work, especially for one women who had melanoma today and I believe is trying to stop, but I think a bit to late., sorry for U my dear 37 years of togetherness

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