Our neo-fascist country is full of great people

We are the good guys, most of us. We have been dumbed down and manipulated by the bad guys, who have practiced for generations at being bad, and at hiring agents to do their dirty work for scraps from the banquet table. The difference between all these other times and now is that we have this Internet thing here, all the knowledge ever, at our fingertips all the time. The pictures of the underground bunkers are real, the health problems from GMOs are real, Hitler really did put fluoride in the water in camps to keep the Jews like the walking dead, Congress is trying to make it legal to kidnap regular American dissenters in the middle of the night and detain them secretly and indefinitely… these things really exist and are happening.

American Dream at Burning Man - by Hoodsteading.tumblr.com

I think of my grandfather who served with the Navy for most of his life. He would be proud of our generation now, and think of us as patriotic Americans, for questioning the wolves in the throne room and daring to fight them and oust them. They are desecrating the idea of America and personal freedom as opposed to plutocracy.

Authoritarianism isn’t the same as patriotism. In fact the founders and framers were rebels and thinkers. A ‘conspiracy’ is not a set of delusions, it’s technically a secret plan executed by a number of people. That’s all a conspiracy is.

Kennedy, Kennedy, Lincoln, MLK … those were conspiracies, not lone shooters. Everyone knows it now, if they dig around on the Internet enough. Every war is showing to have been financed by the same lineage of inbred d-bags who hand down their legacies to their abused, confused, scared heirs, under threat of death, if they don’t cooperate with their sick ancestors’ ideas about enslaving humans.

Profiteering off the trusting hordes is also what made Jesus kick the tables over in the temple. Right, Christians?

call / fax congress TODAY: S. 1867 and SOPA
Is Benjamin Fulford for real?
  1. mike

    10.12.2011 @ 12:21 am

    just lovin the right-wing christian capitalist guys
    if they had actually read their own literature
    it was the dissidents and heretics that were right
    oh well
    fight the good fight
    and don’t be afraid

    good to hear from you btw
    from your fan club
    in the great white north


  2. Dori

    12.12.2011 @ 12:04 am

    To see that you are writing again made my day. Welcome back and keep it coming.


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