Reproductive Rights: The Lady in the Red Dress

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via Planned Parenthood – “These are the witnesses testifying on the birth control benefit right now on Capitol Hill. What is wrong with this picture?”

Here’s the testimony they wouldn’t allow in this stacked, stacked hearing about … well, let’s let Jezebel explain it.

Here’s a list of herbs we will probably plant in our garden this spring, just in case we have to save someone’s life (by KILLING A BABYYYYYYYYY!!! RAAAAAAAWR!!! I HATE AMERICAAAAAAA!!!! … jokes, people, but seriously? If you don’t have a uterus, shut the f*&k up).

Morbid idea for a garden, and sure, more research needs to be done, but talk about taking charge of one’s own reproductive health. Queen Anne’s Lace prevents conception, to a degree, so we will plant some of that, but it doesn’t prevent STDs, so nicking free condoms from the gay clubs is still a necessity in this new power-grab-happy, eat-the-poor Amerikkka.

I’m thinking we’ll name it the “God’s Little Worst Decision You Ever Have To Make Corner”:

Mexican Wild Yam
Antelope Sage Root
Golden Thread
Black or Blue Cohosh

… and while death-grippy legislation over a body part in someone else’s body is definitely a draconian, quintissentially American issue worth discussing, here’s the real reason this is (being sold as) a big deal right now, along with all the other cage-rattling mindf*&ks they got goin’ on: WAR WITH IRAN.

So, two things: 1) Yall can still have my uterus when you pry it from my cold, dead hands, and 2) Old white devils, we seeeeee youuuuuu

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