Unlimited Free Energy

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In continuing the fascination with ousting Spillionaires and what we do when that happens.

Nerd out on this DIY science video set, which may make clearer the concepts of grabbing latent energy from the air, like whistling for a dog and having it show up.


Full disclosure: I do not actually understand any of this yet. But maybe after multiple viewings. He could also be full of bull-malarkey and I wouldn’t know it, but I’m guessing he’s right about most of it, so … gotta start somewhere.

Don’t forget to check out the brain-fattening links under each video on the Youtubes, and while you’re at it, get smart with everything else on Mr. Galleria’s channel.

free energy is made of this stuff! And static shocks on the trampoline, and how your hair stands on end when you rub a balloon against it.

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