Royal R. Rife, Stanislaw Burzynski, Rick Simpson, and Max Gerson: Cancer curers … and Criminals in the eyes of the FDA

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In case there is still a question, (people are generally good but) from the top down, the FDA has always been the Witness Protection Program for Big Pharma / Big Chemicals and the insurance companies, who would rather see you get sick and die slowly while paying them to “cure” you with nuclear radiation and hacksaw amputations.

Have you ever heard of these men? I hadn’t, not until two years ago, when the Deepwater Horizon landed on me and Paul Doom and a zillion other people in southern Louisiana and we all had to find ways to counteract the massive chemical poisoning our government and the oil companies still pretend never happened.

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Here’s Royal R. Rife’s bio and an old video about him. He found a cure to cancer almost a century ago. He also invented a type of microscope which allows us to see the tiniest of critters like viruses.

Have you watched Burzynski: The Movie yet? … Get ready to be infuriated, especially if you’ve ever lost (or are losing) someone to cancer.

Same story with Rick Simpson and the documentary Run from the Cure. Heck, just watch Cancer: The Forbidden Cures or get up on the Googles and find all the other outlaws yourself.

Ditto Max Gerson, and Gerson Therapy. Which also has inspired devoted fan films and a new documentary you can boil your blood with … before you meditate on the new world in which the FDA is abolished and Big Chem Oil Pharma is busted up, so we can get down to the business of getting people well.

Of course, it was all set up to be this way. The more I hear about how cancer was cured a century ago, shortly after it proliferated (when the cancer-curing cannabis plant was outlawed for threatening timber, pulp, fuel, feed, chemical, and fiber industries)… the stabbier I get.


this extends to every area of life.

Let it sink in: After giving blanket approval, cover, encouragement and subsidies to Big Polluters which cause cancer, our government then tells you, under penalty of court, financial ruin, and jail time, that you are not allowed to decide upon treatments which get yourself well from the cancer they allowed — with plants, cool machines, or ‘alternate’ therapies proven to be effective in so many studies they can’t suppress them all.

An ‘ennabler’ says ‘you can’t do it right without me.’ A Fascist says ‘you may not do it for yourself.’ ::climbs down off soapbox for a smoothie::


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