Code Tyler, December 21, 2012: Game on

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Kids today. Project Mayhem? How exciting.

Yall do know that the ‘real’ (fictional) Project Mayhem in Fight Club was modeled after the Cacophony Society, right? Cuz author Chuck Pahlaniuk was a Portland Santarchist? Just checkin’.

Besides the obvious implications from the release today from Anonymous on CODE TYLER — the Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth, the cavalry’s a-comin’, etc — ’tis also nice to see that whole 2012 hype put to good use, whilst everyone tells “Boastradamus” ghost stories to each other, inventing scenarios of Apocalypse which may not happen at all.

Now, all of us who feel F’d in some way by the spillionaires in charge actually have something to look forward to: The sound of a million whistles blowing.

The Age of Aquarius … that’s the age of light, in which nothing can be hidden, and all secrets will be revealed. The downside to the Age of Aquarius, of course, is surveillance. But as Bob Dylan said, “in order to live outside the law, you must be honest.”

The hydra / skeksis / spillionaires’ efforts to make laws against you hackbirds to punish you for being honest with their dishonesty has fluffed your wings even more. Non-hackers paying attention are  thrilled by this and scared for you, and honored that you’d fight for truth and your fellow peeps this way.

Lulzpeople & Hackstars (not Sabu tho), this is a love letter to you. “Bob” bless you boys and gals. <3 <3 <3

and Power Up with some Slack


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