This proto-liveblog started in 2004, with fireside stories about San Francisco’s Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and other mutant bicycle clubs, at the beginning of a gonzo Cyclecide tour.

We used to have a career as rock critic & nightlife columnist for the Bay Guardian, then bartending at the notoriously odd Cacophony Society laboratory known as the Odeon Bar.

Then we roamed the country with Cyclecide FTW, occasionally updating pre-Facebook diary-posts about Coachella or that Burning Man thing we work at sometimes. Then the oil spill happened.

Now everyone’s on social media and blogs seem weird, but we write for Burning Man officially here and there. We’ve got a few pieces in the Tales of the SF Cacophony Society book too.

Coming soon: an archive of our San Francisco Bay Guardian A&E and nightlife column entries from the dot-boom.

The beginning is near here …


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