Summertime Rolls pt. 2: Built with clowngineering & Obtainium

Obtainium — the world’s most precious element. That which others throw away. Remember the TV show Family Ties? It was an ’80s series about a left-wing family with a right-wing son named Alex P. Keaton, played by Michael J. Fox. His sister Mallory on the show always dated Nick, an attractive jumpsuit-welder-artist-environmentalist guy who made art out of junk. That was the punch line. “So, Nick, what do you do?” … “I make art out of junk.” ::canned laughter::

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Don’t Tread On My Uterus

‘Tis a massive denial of human rights that men can still legislate control over women’s bodies, using pseudo-moral “indignance chaff” to propagate a forced-birth program which runs counter to nature. Thankfully, Queen Anne’s Lace and other plants pepper the hillsides, quietly sitting there, able to solve this issue, unsafely and unsupervised, for individuals who don’t have the cash to travel out-of-state to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. Of course, if you really want a free abortion, just

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Olek meets the Billboard Liberation Front to make the girliest street art in American history

This spring, Dutch-New-Yorkian artist Olek liberated a billboard in Oakland … by crocheting over the entire thing. The HuffPo even covered the story. I missed it a few months ago but it’s SO GREAT.

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Make Yourself an Indian Headdress (*please don’t, actually, but here are the plans)

GAH! So painful. We LOVE feathers. Also raised on one side of the family by nothing but Choctaw. Possibly part Choctaw or Shawnee meself, says the lady down at the Indian Services office, but Dad was adopted so we’ll never know. They told him he was white, but that may have been just to protect him from the grief they got.

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Photos: Petaluma Rivertown Revival 2012

The third annual Rivertown Revival! Last Sunday we went to the art-boat festival on Petaluma’s downtown peninsula, benefitting the David Yearsley River Heritage Center. The Dixiecutioner and I, both wayward and lonesome Southern gals in the Golden State, are known to scavenge hillbilly hayrides however we can get ‘em.

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Glamping at Tipsy 2012

My dear old boss Chicken John threw a party last weekend at a reservoir in the hills near Sacramento, CA and everyone made boats out of junk. As the living-legend crooner Freddie Price of Rube Waddell would say, it was fundamentally similar to outstanding.

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Unlimited Free Energy

In continuing the fascination with ousting Spillionaires and what we do when that happens. Nerd out on this DIY science video set, which may make clearer the concepts of grabbing latent energy from the air, like whistling for a dog and having it show up. Science! Full disclosure: I do not actually understand any of this yet. But maybe after multiple viewings. He could also be full of bull-malarkey and I wouldn’t know it, but I’m guessing he’s right about most of it, so … gotta start somewhere.

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Thunderbolts & Team Tesla: The Universe is ELECTRIC!

Gravity is so five minutes ago. I’ve watched this video twice already, like it was Duran Duran and I’m nine years old again. I also felt compelled to watch a day’s worth of Tesla films afterward. It seems from this Thunderbolts: Electric Universe movie that Nikola Tesla’s ‘free energy’ is the same stuff as T. Henry Moray‘s “Sea of Energy,” zero-point energy, and maybe even that magical life-force which the Kung Fu cats call chi. So while all this energy sits waiting around us, on Earth AND all over outer space, we drill into Mother Earth and make her puke her own guts up, using our cars and engines to spread shit-potpourri all over our Mama.

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How to make fake eyeballs out of condoms, liquid soap, and nail polish

Wherein this blog provides expert advice on how to make realistic-looking, free-floating disembodied eyes for your next zombie party or prank with soup.

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