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music-writing flora and The Secret Life of Plants

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Did you know plants could compose music? All you have to do is get the kooky idea to wire them up to sensors and electrodes and whatnot in an intentional community in Italy called Damanhur, and voila: Leafed, soil-livin’, sun-chompin’, chlorophyll-wearin’ inanimates use their natural-born electrical impulses to improvise melodies and harmonies.

These wired plants compose songs that sound like … well, nature’s paradise.
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Look who’s in 7x7SF Magazine

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The Cacophony Society has a feature in the new issue of 7×7 Magazine, and there’s us (hi Mom!). Swear we were on a journalistic assignment in this picture, and not just dressing up for Brides of March like a regular Cacophony kook. Although we were. Doing that. Too.

… also, we discovered that, thanks to the wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, all the old “Dilettante” columns are now online again! (RIP San Francisco Bay Guardian, our most beloved former employer.)

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‘Tales of the SF Cacophony Society’ book release events in May 2013

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City Lights Bookstore SF, where modern American literature was born, announces:

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society LAUNCH PARTY !
Thursday, May 16, 2013, 7:00 P.M., City Lights Boosktore, San Francisco, California


“An evening of irreverent antics

with Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith, John Law and friends

celebrating the release of

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society
Edited by Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith and John Law

published by Last Gasp Books

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How to save the post office AND get rid of junk mail

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News that the Post Office of the United States of America is struggling to stay open should break your heart. Like the crumbling of the Fourth Estate or the egregiously humiliating restrictions on travel, it’s a mark of a closing society.

Luckily, the people of America are some crafty, patriotic individuals. And corporations, as “people,” can be picked on — and possibly overpowered — using their own weapons of mass irritation.Read More

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Look at this nutritional analysis of GMO vs. non-GMO corn

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So then, you could technically look overweight and nutritionally starve to death. Imagine how much healthier and less stupid Americans would be if we knew we were mineral-starved cretins eating a “product” of high-falutin’ science, appearing as food, which animals won’t touch.

You know, like if Monsanto were forced to label GMO foods so we could see if and when we were poisoning ourselves. And it’s no wonder pigs don’t eat GMO corn if given the choice. They can smell the 200ppm of formaldehyde …
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Fauxtest SF 2013, Wavy Gravy, and the English Disco Lovers: Nontroversy

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Only in San Francisco would the thirtysomethingth-year-annual Saint Stupid’s Day Parade not suffice for the clowntemporary poli-tickle set. Introducing Fauxtest SF.

Imagine First Church of the Last Laugh recombined with its parent company the Cacophony Society, and spit out the other side of #Occupy to re-ridiculize any potential self-seriousness. Nontroversial bro-testers were allowed to air petty annoyances and bland opinions about nothing and randoms this past Friday:

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Make Yourself an Indian Headdress (*please don’t, actually, but here are the plans)

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We love feathers. We were raised on one side of the family by non-practicing Choctaw people, and on the other side by Druids reincarnated as white-mutt, cotton-picking small-game hunters.

Dad was adopted so we’ll never know our lineage. They told him he was white, but that may have been just to protect him from the grief they got. He looked white, & lived a white-privileged life, after he escaped the hell and abuse and poverty of his upbringing.Read More

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America’s Gulf Coast / BP oil spill / Bayou Corne sinkhole update 2012

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2012’s had some bad news down the bayou: Bits of Louisiana are sinking, exploding, shaking, and seeping toxic liquids. Way more than any other state in the nation. Go figure — it’s the most flammable.

Guess which choices we’ve made in powering the modern world are to blame for most of these emergencies. (Hint: Rhymes with ‘spoil’) … Read on and click through; there’s good news too about Earth’s favorite swampland at the end of this roundup.
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