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American Oilpocalypse: 5 years & counting

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Coughing up this blog post like a hairball on the 5th anniversary of the Gulf BP oil “spill” is not our idea of a good time. One of the main issues affecting the survival of our species and many swimming others, that disaster physically harmed this writer and caused us to evacuate, abandoning our paid-in-full fixer-upper house in New Orleans.
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Early Man-Man: proto-Burnin’ Dude builders & inspirational catalysts

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If you’ll notice, talking to most of the elders of the Burning Man tribe, they put emphasis on the third syllable of the name of our weirdo company picnic. “The burning MAN,” they say, with a “The” at the beginning each time. All the rest of us say “BURN-ing man.” So that’s how things used to be different right there, is the early Cacophonists emphasized the event’s syllables differently. Read More