Cyclecide at Flora Grubb Gardens’ Grand Opening

May 12-13, 2007 Flora Grubb Gardens, Bayview San Francisco “It’s so weird to see white people walking around on the street out there,” Linda said on Saturday. “I mean really. We used to be the only ones. It’s like the day we filmed the [soda company name redacted] commercial outside the clubhouse. White kids everywhere. WEIRD.” She’s right. Here in “Mo’s Alley,” so called by Cyclecide because Moses’ sister rented the lot to put her plants on, it’s a completely different scenario on the block. Before, it was an urban bung-hole in the larger bung-hole of the Bayview industrial area. Now it’s the fancy and beautiful Flora Grubb Gardens, with a new Ritual Coffee Roasters inside of it. The pimps who used to park their cars in front of it and yell at their bitches at all hours of the day and night must be bummed. But we’re happy, because the only other coffee near us is up Bernal Hill. Bikes and that hill and a non-caffeinated bike rodeo clown are not friends.

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