Burning Man ’07: The “Skank Rag”

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Yesterday Thirteen came to work wearing a rolled-up bandana tied just under her right knee.

We merely thought she was making a hair-metal fashion statement, but then she told us the best tidbit of playa innovation we’ve heard since coconut juice: the SKANK RAG.

The Skank Rag may be untied and used as a wipe on those frequent occasions out here on the Black Rock Desert when over-hydration leads to peeing behind cars rather than in the Porta-Johns. It also doubles as a handkerchief, when playa boogers become encrusted in one’s nostrils to the point where they must be excavated.

Yeah. It sounds gross. But it holds the grossness all in one place. Way down there on your leg, far away from any infection-ready cuts or orifices. And nobody will ever suspect you’re not just taking style cues from David Lee Roth.

You may think you’re the type person who eschews Burning Man for fancy vacations with running water. You may think you’ll never be in a situation where you need to store a Skank Rag on yourself, whilst wearing nothing else but a silk slip in weather halfway to Hell-hot. But if you are, now you know where to stick it.

i stole this picture off the Internet because my camera is broken. Thirteen and this writer prefer to wear our SKANK RAGS just under the knee, not over it. Less skank surface area touching the skin that way.


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