Dat Tuesday

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Sigh of relief. Victory lap. Post-coital cigarette. Chocolate mousse and a snifter. The collective and sustained “wooooo” after the who-dat chant is over.

The Saints won the Superbowl.

We’re watching the New Orleans Saints “Dat Tuesday” Super Krewe parade on TV. Because it’s inside a warm building instead of out in the arctic blast with crowds and crowding and crowdy coldness. Schools in New Orleans closed early today, nothing got done, everyone wore black and gold, and the traffic’s backed up all the way to Algiers.

Aging white-guy commentator on the parade: “Here’s the USMC Reserve Forces Marching Band … and I think they’re gonna get crunk.”

Who doesn’t love this town.

p.s. hey you in the white Ray Bans … in case you want to know what a REAL MAN looks like:

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  1. I caught it on my DVR. NFL Channel carried it live, and my wife caught it with about 45 minutes left. Ain’t technology grand? Go Saints!

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