Matter of Trust hair boom vs. sorbent boom test

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UPDATE: Watch “Hair Soaks Up Oil Spills,” a Matter of Trust video, if you’ve got no idea what the below pictures are in reference to:

ok first we pour out two equal portions of used motor oil. Oopsie! We spilled a bit. Luckily we have plenty of human hair and alpaca fleece. That’s why the birds and animules all need cleanin’ here in the oil spill — because they can’t get the oil off their fur. That’s why we shampoo, too. Makes sense, right?

et voila. Better than kitty litter.

goop! Mota-earl in clean drinkin’ water.


showtime – handmade human hair boom vs. manufactured sorbent boom


yep. Hair boom on the left, encased in discarded women’s nylon stockings and then orange mesh for extra protection. Sorbent boom on the right, made out of some sort of fiber and then bleached, encased in airplane-pillow material and janky thin white mesh.


slosh slosh slosh. Lisa makes waves in the water.


let’s pick it up and see. Looks like the white boom doesn’t hold onto the oil as well as the hair boom; note the big black glops fallin’ into the water.


proof = in da puddin’


BP said (among other things) they’d never consider using hair boom because it didn’t float. Well, it does. We went back 5 hours later and both booms were still floating. But, in addition to soaking up oil less efficiently than the hair boom, the sorbent boom floats too high, allowing the oil to slide under and around it, whereas the hair boom sits IN the water, as it should be.


so let’s review. “Official” sorbent boom, designed by humans to soak up oil. Costs money. Made out of new materials, necessitating more energy / power / oil … Matter of Trust’s hair boom, designed by God to absorb oil and repel water. Made out of renewable materials diverted from the waste stream, necessitating more volunteer labor / neighborhood boom-b-q parties / community-building / hope for the future


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  3. Brilliant post.
    Perhaps to make a holistic environmental statement you could use the hair that has fallen out from kids with cancer, and their sick pets’ fur/hair, as seen in the contaminated water Gas Land gas fracking documentary.

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