Matter of Trust hair boom and crab trap test: Success!

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Stick that in your petroleum-based sorbent boom and smoke it.

Stay tuned. More tests today, and when we can provide more info we will.

Fun fact: Alpaca shearings float better than human hair — and both float really well for quite a while, until the hair/fur is wet, which is what the floaties inside the crab traps and under the mesh cages are for — so a combination boom-trap of the both is ideal. And so far it seems that BP’s “sorbent boom” floats too high, so most of the oil would slide right under it.

This testing was all in clean water, BTW, so BP can’t arrest us, throw us in jail, or fine us $5,000 for cleaning up OUR beaches and marshes with organic, renewable materials diverted from the waste stream.

(Yes it’s true. $5,000 per incident and up to a year in jail if you get near the oil. Question: What if you live somewhere like Point-Aux-Chenes and the oil is in the canal in your front yard and you’re trying to sop it up before the kids come home and play in it? Do you get arrested on your own property?)

and: WHAT?! They didn’t invite Billy Nungesser to talk to the President yesterday, but invited other local officials? FAIL.

and: How bout that the ridiculous dog-and-pony show BP (Bayou Polluters) put on yesterday for the President to fly overhead? Check the clip below, and spread this knowledge everywhere so it doesn’t get forgotten like this. (update: surprise – link has been disapBPeared. It was a local news segment exposing an incident wherein a couple busloads of people in white protective suits and red and blue T-shirts, trash bags in hand, deployed to a Gulf beach for a photo-op when Obama flew over. Not picking up one bit of oil debris or trash, the busloads of people re-boarded and disappeared after the President’s helicopter passed overhead.)

OK, back to the marsh!


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