Pointe-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana: dreamy. watery. beautiful.

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Ever wondered where the water-elves might live, or Cajun Yoda maybe?

oh hai. would you like to go on a leetle road trip to Pointe-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana? … Yes? … Hop in, cher

this is what happens when you drive to the end of the road after the town of Montegut. Where my breath at? It got tooken. Full moon and errrthang.

lookin back toward Montegut. canals are roads too, and the street-roads run beside ’em. some o da water alongside pavement seems to be higher than the street. optical illusion… or louisiana magic?

the marina. who dat down dere at da end, talkin all crazy pidgin Frenchy talk?

say, it’s a fambly o’ Cajun shrimpers, bringin’ in the high-tide harvest. The scrimps should be bigger but for obvious reasons they havin’ to bring ’em in before they full-grown. Nat had never seen a live scrimps before; didn’t know they were transluscent grey and spindly and looked a whole lot like the robotic bug which slithers into Neo’s ear in The Matrix. nevertheless, she bought a couple pounds of deliciousness and ate it the hell up w/ some cream pasta

also, there was a ferocious kung fu crab who REALLY wanted to fight us

guess crabs always get sepamarated for bein too fighty. our awesomely cute Cajun Grandaddy was also cuttin off one claw each, so dey couldn’t scrap no more. (sorry, Cajun accent is contagious but as a Southerner already there should be allowances)

hug it out, bitches! oh wait yall all one-armed now. side-hug it out, bitches!

whoa, looks like somebody had too many daquiris at Mardi Gras (urp)

seriously though … what is Grandaddy gonna do now? He said when he was younger there was always a ring of oil around the lake where he fished and he ain’t dead yet. it’s the corexit that’s poison. we tried to be comforted by his placidity. who doesn’t love Cajuns? can they please be OK, please God please?

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