Poison Corexit Cloud: Stuck in the Metal

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The car is packed and we were tearfully leaving New Orleans and Oil Spill Corexit Land, on our way to “pre-evacuate” to Austin tonight, but then the storm went thataway. And hell no, we’re not driving into it.

Plus the Universe gifted us a ticket to the Eagles of Death Metal show at One Eyed Jacks, so if the gargantuan methane bubble under the sea floor explodes or gives way, and lightning strikes the blackwater and we all die in a fiery oilcano or a crude-and-Corexit tsunami accompanied by poison clouds of gas, at least we will be rocking.

Here’s the same moment from the USA Today cover we were on with Dug the other day, but this time we were on the cover of Boston dot com. Finally hit the big time! Just as we’re all going to die lol.

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  1. Thanks the info on the gas is another problem to be looking for. I’ve listed gas as a known and unknown on my site regarding worse case scenerio’s and stated the fact we even find prior unknown gas of our doomed victims of BP.

  2. Hello, my name is Jazelle…I’m 21 years old, live in Washington DC (though from New Jersey). I have a Bachelors in journalism, but work at a mall (2009 was not a good year to graduate with a journalism degree).

    I’ve been watching the events in the Gulf unfold (albeit through the screen of mainstream media)…and I’m terrified for my life. EVERYTHING will be contaminated…food, air, soil… It’s too late to prevent that. It makes me not want to raise my future children here…maybe not even in this world at all.

    I’m feeling that “spidey sense” you mention in your “O Death” post thataway>>>.

    Anyway, I was wondering what someone like me could do about this spill…I feel like a bystander to the death of my future. Suggestions?

    1. You’re a journalist, whether you work at a mall or not! Do your job, girl! You graduated just in time to race against the clock in the ultimate battle to save the world, so do what you do, in all the spare hours you can.

      Start by reading and watching every link I’ve been posting and every other thing you can get your eyes on. Get and keep yourself up to date on all the perspectives, see what resonates with you and ask the universe which direction you should start (theoretically) running. it is a journalist’s job to uncover the truth and show it to as many people as you can. That’s what you do!

  3. Girl, word. The world is so ridiculously screwed. Aside from the fact that the ocean is basically killed now, I’m just waiting for Greenland to break off and melt into the ocean and maybe cause a sudden ice age by halting deep ocean circulation in the Atlantic. Shakaaaaaaa

  4. Hey…if you do end up in ATX sometime soon…I would really like to sit down with you and pick your brain about what’s going on down there on the front lines. I live in austin and have been involved with BWB here for a while…and right now i have a lot of time on my hands and a strong sense that helping with this (somehow) is the way to spend it. So in the last couple weeks i’ve been doing a lot of head-scratching about how to help, and I’ve gotten to the point where i have a few ideas that seem pretty solid…but without some of the details about conditions there, it’s hard to know if these things are really needed / possible / etc. I kinda figured i’d have to go down there myself in the next week or two, just to do reconnaissance to see about the viability of these ideas…but it would actually be way more useful to talk to someone like you, who’s already been there trying to help for a while.

    So if you’ll be in town sometime, and you’ve got the time for it, i hope you’ll let me take you to lunch or something and bombard you with questions (= My email is: dj polyhymnia at gmail (minus the spaces)…if you’re staying with burners while you’re in town, there’s a good chance they’ll know how to get in touch with me too if you ask….

    Thanks for all you do (=

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