Corexit and Agent Orange: not so different (just ask Monsanto)

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This is HEAVY, man.

If we’re wrong on any of this, or leaving out anything important, feel free to correct us and/or elaborate in the comments, because we’re refining the pitch:

Corexit — the “dispersant” with which BP/Halliburton/The Antichrist is gassing American citizens against their will and without their knowledge in this oil “spill” debacle in the Gulf of Mexico — is a very bad, only-40-percent-effective way to go.

Corexit eats away at the fatty deposits around your liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and other important organs … it punches holes in your brain … it destroys the alveoli in your lungs … and it generally explodes the fatty layer around your red blood cells, which lose their shape and fall apart so that you bleed from the inside out. Victims of Corexit poisoning cough up blood, manifest persistent nosebleeds, and even bleed from the rectum. And that’s just for starters.

we love the smell of 2-butoxyethanol in the morning

Corexit causes hives, blisters, and sores — even inside the mouth (true story, friend of ours, for real). It also bleaches animals and plants when / as it kills — Corexit’s ingredients supposedly include paint thinner and other toxic slurry they couldn’t get rid of, so they spray it on the Cajuns and inject it into the wellhead gusher instead. And Corexit mixes with crude and gets sucked up in tiny particulates into the clouds, even though “they” say it doesn’t. Corexit rain is starting to kill crops as far away as Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina. Get ready.

Monsanto … the company that helped bring Agent Orange into the world … Monsanto’s CFO, Carl Casale, is also a director at NALCO. Corexit is owned by NALCO, but really, by BP / Halliburton, somewhere in there. Incidentally, BP supplies a massive portion of the fuel for America’s military, while Halliburton provides exclusive-multibillion-dollar-contract-style “logistical support.” Good buddies, them!

Monsanto, who owns an inordinately large percentage of all the crops in America, produces genetically modified foods — which are known to cause rats to explode and hamsters to grow hair inside their mouths. And like we said, Monsanto is one of the companies behind Agent Orange.

What’s Agent Orange, you ask? … No, not the punk band. If you don’t know already, then read on, from Wikipedia:

Agent Orange was by far the most widely used of the so-called “Rainbow Herbicides”. Between 1965 and 1970 close to 12,000,000 US gallons (45,000,000 l; 10,000,000 imp gal) of Agent Orange were sprayed in Vietnam, eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia by the US military to defoliate rural/forested land, depriving guerrillas of food and cover, and as part of a general policy of forced draft urbanization by destroying the ability of peasants to support themselves in the countryside.[1]
. (emphasis ours)

According to Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in 400,000 deaths and disabilities, and 500,000 children born with birth defects.[2]

was gonna put up a picture of a person who was born with birth defects due to Agent Orange … but you can’t really un-see those images. They’re horrific. Google it yourself if you want a good cry

Monsanto owns owns 90 percent of soy, 85 percent of corn, and 95 percent of sugar beets in the United States of America — and it’s all genetically modified. They say it’s only genetically modified so it can resist their proprietary Roundup pesticide. Our tinfoil hat says that’s a load of crap. Our tinfoil hat wonders if this acid Corexit rain could kill everything BUT Monsanto crops. What a bonus, to corner the market while starving out all the peasants … er, Cajuns, black people, pesky white Southerners, Cubans, Creoles, Native Americans, and old folks … in a long-term profit plan to seize the richest soil in the country, and the oil beneath it.

Mmm, lookit all the blank space above those dots (oil wells) and lines (pipelines). Why can’t we drill there, so we can be free from our pushermen in the Middle East? … Oh, what? PEOPLE live in that blank space? Well FIX THAT, and bring me my afternoon chalice of babies’ blood

A whisper on the wind we hear is that the Gangster Party prefers using Corexit because it gets rid of the oil’s chemical record. Every gallon counts, when you’re facing potential fines and an international court …

So the Corexit mixes with the crude and erases its fingerprints. It ruptures crude cells so when the tar balls start washing up in Antarctica, chemists won’t be able to prove which oil “spill” the tar balls are from. And that’s what it does to your insides, as well. All the protective coatings from the inner workings of your body, organs, cells, and nerve endings similarly dissolve and explode.

And this is why half the people we were working with in Grand Isle are also GONE from the Gulf. We know what’s up. Now that that cap’s on the wellhead, everything could be about to explode, so it’s time to pack up the car and head farther West. Rumors of nuclear … whispers of DOD stormtroopers overpowering the Navy and beefing up oil rigs and foreign countries along the blast / tsunami site … everyone’s panicked, but who knows what’s true. Who knows how far they will go.

In summary, if anyone doubts at this point that “they” are spraying Corexit for reasons other than “dispersing the oil” for the good of the planet, yall should just turn your books back to the first chapter and see us after class.

Why they’re seemingly inviting the Earth to rupture, blow up, and cave in with this “cap” business is beyond us. Unless the whole thing is a Wag the Dog kind of ruse designed to get us to leave our homes because there’s nothing left, because they poisoned all living things and sterilized the population in a slow-kill takeover. Just like with the Vietnamese.

Guess we’ll see soon enough.

Tran Anh Kiet’s deformities have been blamed on Agent Orange. (BBC)


BBC News: Vietnam’s War against Agent Orange

Agent Orange Wikipedia

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  1. well that’s pleasant morning reading.
    Just out of curiosity…how do you process all this information and keep going, particularly living in the Gulf?

  2. The end to all this is so predictable that, as we begin to see it emerge, I’m so sick that I think I’ve run out of words. I yelled as hard and as loudly as I could from the beginning. And still I knew we’d end up here. My next move will be to rally with all other people angry and damaged by this blatant abuse of power – in DC over Labor Day weekend. (FB page:

  3. I agree. As a native and life long resident of Plaquemines Parish this entire ordeal scared the hell out of me. I have noticed that people take one of two positions – they are frozen with fear or they are taking the “head stuck in the sand” everything will be fine position. I am a member of Coastal Heritage Society of La. and we are doing a fundraiser July 31 at Howlin Wolf – Burlesque for the Bayou – to raise more funds to continue testing the rain water in coastal La. The prelim tests are alarming at best. By the way EPA has not tested one drop of rain water yet. Please have a look at our site and if you feel inspired help spread the word. It is not my wish to be an alarmist but we are all being poisoned as is our ground water, crops, seafood, and all we know and love.

  4. Multiple issues and sadly nothing new to the world just a bit harsher for the N. American gulf coast:
    The corexit is a big story that should be blown wide open(not that anyone cares when it happens in a third world country)

    The technical oil well capping stuff and apparent cover ups as per multinational corporate culture and the very real enviromental disaster

    The fear of a massive methane explosion wiping out all life on earth….ok wait a sec.
    The issues are real, well I got my doubts about the last one(if you only look for info to prove your point you’ll find it but that doesn’t prove the point.)
    If you really want to inform folks who don’t know maybe chill on the heavy rhetorical flourishs- I mean thats all fine and rightious if you don’t mind just preaching to the choir but if you want to have an effect try telling all the other folks out there most of whom just turn it off soon as they see a word(however accurate its use may be) like Imperialism.
    Also obsessive panic over a thing doesn’t make it any better if it
    consumes you past the point of enjoying life eh?
    IF a big ol huge methane bubble blows up the whole gulf we’re all so fucked but so are we if a big asteroid hits us. If the methane global extinction paranoia is true there ain’t a dang thing anyone can do and it doesn’t matter where you go we’re all still fucked…but at this point worrieing about that is like getting bugged over mortality in general. Got a workable solution or plan of action? I’m all ears.
    I don’t think the corexit abuse will go un noticed for much longer (though again, noone cared when it was Nigeria, hrumph!)

    Rightious rhetoric and preaching to the choir won’t change much, sadly but if you use your jurnalistic accumen and send out some more persuaive less rhetoical(even if its true)writing… or do you propose we start a revalution? Great way to get shot down. Look at history, revalutions aren’t started they just happen when certain conditions prevail.
    Don’t give those who’d discredit you ammo. Remember to live and know the good things you can because without that whats the point?
    Oh there is certainly some real bad shit going down, there always is, but it sure as hell ain’t likely to be black and white.
    If you get too into it its like trieing to find the seed in an onion and along the way you may get suckered into all kinds of
    stuff folks prove by ignoring any info that doesn’t support their proposition.

    So ok all this stuff some of which is true and some which is pure conjecture. Getting nurotic over it (as easy as that can be no doubt) doesn’t help. Insufficiant data on some of it to say the least(other parts are pretty dead nuts on).
    So whatever your goal is take a step back and think about it and the best most effective way of doing it. That said you are doing more than most and thats good but killing yourself with nurosis won’t make any of it easier. Live and love and laugh too, not in denial of it all but in spite of it all.
    I cry for the gulf and the people(some of them anyway) and the life destroyed. Strategy and tactics- think about it.Be effective not freaking(though i don’t blame you a bit)

  5. i am with you joannie,just give me a heads up.This thing shouldn’t be tolarated.

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  11. Welcome to the fray. My grandfather suffers daily from Agent Orange and from him I have learned many things about the company behind it. All I had to do was listen for years as the pain caused him to blurt out what happened. Monsanto is inhuman and is a threat to the entire human species among all others. It is time to stop waiting, move to the resistance. A place that is forgotten among the world in our attempts to stand out. Come to Idaho to the point of sand. To affect actual change.

  12. Send the people to idaho to the point of sand, send your angy irate and mistreated and form a resistance.

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  15. got caught outside in heavy rain in north carolina today, for about 10 minutes. now my face is burning and skin is burning. i know what this is, thanks to my friends in the gulf. one would think it illegal to do this to american citizens. this country is a damn hellhole. this is such a crock of sh**! people just don’t care until the SHTF and lands in their lap. and by then.. it’s too damn late!

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