The Redcoats are Coming, and They’re Greasy AF

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If you’re a drinker, get the whiskey, cuz the Red Pill, she’s a bitter one… At least we have the Zeitgeist movement, who responded to the oil spill thusly:

Here are the newses about the Gulf oil spill, 2010.

Petition to Ban Corexit Now

BP Insider – Hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and methylene chloride threat in the Gulf

Toxic Air: Watch for Symptoms

The Video BP & Big Oil Don’t Want You to See

How Much Oil Has BP Drilled Into?

BP & the Feds withheld video showing a total of three leaks

US “BPA” about-face; kowtow to BP’s Corexit agenda to poison the Gulf and its people (OK we made that headline up but it’s true)

Anderson Cooper: First Amendment has been suspended

Google, Yahoo, & Bing Help BP Censor Gulf Oil Spill Information

BP Media Clampdown: Journalists Now Face Possibility of Fines, Prison Time

Billy Nungesser calls out the Coast Guard

Worst Case Scenario with Kindra Arnesen, Badass


BP Discourage Cleanup Crews from Using Respirators

Nalco Dispersant makes oil more toxic to marine life, group says

Science Fact Toxicologist Guy Says Corexit Is Evil

Whistleblower to testify: BP deliberately sinks oil with Corexit to hide it for financial gain

Fish Gasping for Air in the BP Oil Spill Gulf Waters – Marine Life Doomed

Unprecedented Fish Kill in Jacksonville – Brain Lesions

BP Oil Spill Killing Hundreds of Dolphins

Water Samples off Pensacola Beach Indicate Toxic Gas Mixture

Scientists find long line of oil 6 inches under sand at Pensacola Beach

BP oil spill truck driver tells where oil is hauled to, and confirms trucking in of sand

BP covers oil with sand on Gulf Shores Beach as Coast Guard looks on

Nuke Only Option, Gulf 40% Covered By Underwater Oil Lakes Says Ocean Energy Institute Founder

Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

BP urged to shut down ‘Atlantis’ oil rig amid safety concerns

Fox News is BP oil spill misinformation clearinghouse

Sleeping with the Enemy: BP’s Deals with Iran

Former KS State Trooper advises Gulf Coast residents to evacuate area – FEMA now involved

Confessions of a CIA agent about FEMA

The Zeitgeist Movement Responds to the Gulf Oil Spill

Well, After All, It Was You and Me

Sweden Plans to be World’s First Oil-Free Economy

Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and Hydrogen Sulfide

Deepwater Crimes Against Humanity

Super Hurricanes

and finally Barbara Bush’s Biological Father May Be Aleister Crowley. aaahahaha

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