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Someone asked us what our symptoms were, and why our sickness forced us to leave Louisiana. “Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance,” we heard a man say. So here they are; see if they match up with anything you’re feeling:

Headaches, SO bad, the last one to where we couldn’t open our eyes or do anything but curl in a fetal position for 2 days. Really sharp and sudden stomach pains. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and a sticky persistent cough (you can hear that one in Billy Nungesser and Kindra Arnesen‘s voices on interviews).

Cardiac arrhythmia — the occasional feeling your heart is about to short out and stop. General poisoned-tiredness fatigue, like after working the Burning Man Gate Exodus and huffing the exhaust of 30,000 people all wanting to leave the Black Rock Desert at once.

Immediately during and after our last trip to Grand Isle at the end of June, and all the way up till a few days ago, we continued to experience severe headaches, some cardiac arrhythmia, and the occasional doubled-over stomach ache. And now, another weird development: our ears ring loudly and constantly. There’s pressure, and we feel like we can’t hear half as well as normal (we already had tinnitus but this is much worse, and more pressurized-feeling, with higher-pitched squeals).

Also the last time we rinsed off our legs in rainwater on Grand Isle, it burned like liquid cayenne. Others are breaking out in rashes and hives — to say nothing of their headaches and mysterious “flu symptoms.” Gulf Coasters: STAY INSIDE AND STAY OUT OF THE RAIN. We’ve heard of gardens dying suddenly, with white spots covering and bleaching the plants, as far away as Kentucky. P.S. We never get sick.

The stress from leaving life in New Orleans behind must’ve aggravated this vague but persistent illness, most probably, but there’s no doctor we could go see who would make the Gangster Party stop spraying Corexit in the planes.

Our heart goes out to the people still down there in the Corex-shit, working and living in our generation’s Tuskeegee Experiment every day. We don’t know how they’re doing it, and we wish we could shoot down the planes, but we will have to be content with the fantasy of renegade coonasses in night-vision goggles, nipping the death-jets’ wings with their hunting rifles.

Tonight we decided simply to Use The Force and mentally lightning-strike the poison out of this body, as well as the bodies of all those affected. To hold onto the bitterness at what the Gangster Party did and is still doing to this planet in the name of greed and power is to hold on to the poison in our cells.

There is a way to fight the Gangster Party by not fighting them. We must avoid choking on our own bile when they make us sick to our stomachs. We’re still working that out. Suggestions?

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” -Malachy McCourt

photo stolen from one Miss Longshore. See the white sheen on the water? That’s millions of tiny dead fish. This picture was taken in Gulf Shores, Alabama, BACK IN MAY 2010. Imagine what your body is dealing with, even if your brain won’t tell you it is

Chlorophyll tablets and lemon juice work together to remove the benzene, and breathing deep helps. Please take a minute to tell your loved ones in the Gulf Coast region to drink lemon juice (*blended-up whole lemons, really) and eat plenty of dark greens, if they don’t know to do so already. Chlorophyll chelates extra magnesium. The supplement EDTA removes unwanted minerals and metal substances, and drastically reduces the production of free radicals.

The tannin in tea chelates iron and makes it insoluble so you tinkle it out, so to keep iron levels healthy, don’t drink tea during meals, only in between. But we guess this is sort of a tangent about heavy metals, not Corexit-specific stuff.

Although chelation therapy was invented to counteract the effects of poison gas during wartime, and it’s obvious now we’re in GULF WAR 2: COREXIT BOOGALOO, with scoundrels who possess all the toys and money. So — with a doctor’s or naturopath’s help, because you could F your body chemistry up if you guess yourself & do it wrong — chelate away.

Peel a whole lemon and blend up the white rind, yellow meat, and seeds, and drink or eat it all. A couple lemons a day. Vitamin C is a free-radical scavenger and should be taken every day, maybe multiple times — and the rind part of the lemon pulls poison out of your lower intestine somehow (Anna told us but we forgot).

Food-grade diatomaceous earth serves as the poor man’s miracle-cure shortcut to staying healthy, providing minerals and sweeping any critters out of your innards … ditto for raw apple cider vinegar … oh, hell. Let’s digest this holistic routine one bite at a time. Start with pureed lemons, kale, and collard greens. If anyone out there is a nutritionist who can come up with a detox regime for Corexit poisoning, we’d love to repost it.

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  1. To try to cleanse the toxins in corexshit, I would try Essiac tea, it couldn’t hurt.

  2. food grade montmorillonite bentonite, one tablespoonfull in a glass of water, every other day for eight weeks should pull most of it out. Keep drinking water with this, if you stop up, eat prunes, if you get too loose, bananas and rice. good luck.

  3. I love your article and your suggestions! It was so nice to find a possible solution instead of the same old angry stuff. I am drinking lemon water as I write and am ordering some EDTA. Raw apple cider vinegar in the cabinet caught my eye, so I was drinking it for a few days. (Ah, the wisdom of the body!) I think I will drink some more of that, too.

    Thanks to Katrina, I live within view of the water in Long Beach, MS, although a block and a half away. After the oil flood, I was eating lettuce and spinach from my garden that I planted last winter, but I wondered about the wisdom of that.

    The oil catastrophe has affected my nose, not so much my lungs, and now I can’t smell. I was having trouble before, but I am 99% sure it has to do with the dispersants. I wonder if they put something in it to desensitize the sense of smell, but maybe it stayed with me since I was already having problems. I just hope I get my sense of smell back soon!

  4. Go to to find out symptoms and detox protocols. They can also send you a detox kit if you need it.

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