Looks like the cap just blew. On the oil spill pipe.

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Actually, to be specific, it looks like the earth all around the cap just blew.

The cap did its job — rather, the job we all knew it would do — it caused ruptures in the ground around the wellhead. Very large and sudden ruptures, according to sonar. Or maybe very large pockets of methane, or plumes of oil. Can’t say for sure.

It’s almost 7am on Friday, July 16, 2010. We haven’t slept yet. Couldn’t stop watching the Deepwater live-feed, after a tip-off from our friend Gaspo that things were starting to look shaky down there.

The streaming seafloor video feeds all bounced, in succession, and then WHOOSH, big clouds of oil billowed and enveloped jangly cameras, which were all pulled up to the surface with a quickness. Looked like a series of ruptures and explosions — who knows how big. Seven of the 12 video feeds on CNN’s live-feed are shut down now, and the remaining 5 are being looped.

Gaspo grabbed this sonar image, right before it started flashing and went all streaky white and finally offline. Sonar don’t lie. What are those light spots? Why, they’re bubbles of gas or oil

Here’s Gaspo’s still photo index of the event, and the Youtube and downloadable video of the rupture starting — right before, according to his readings from the ROV, the camera got blown 350 feet off the sea floor.

Gaspo got these screengrabs:

… and then we tuned in and saw it do that some more, and then the camera was pulled up through the black and brown sea, and surfaced at the rising sun. More bouncings and explosiony-looking disturbances in the water caught by another camera were quickly removed from the public eye when that one also retreated to the surface, where it’s still filming the ship’s hull as we type this.

UPDATE: The CNN live feed suddenly and quietly announced an address from the President for this morning, which according to the Internets was NOT pre-planned, and he got on TV looking more nervous, agitated, and possibly angry than we’ve ever seen him. This is what he said. WTF?!?

Six hours later, CNN’s “live feed” still only has the one looped camera-footage window, as opposed to its usual 12, with sonar and all that. They’re not even doing a good job of trying to hide the discrepancies. Why would Obama say the cap’s working and everything’s OK, when everything certainly looks like it’s suddenly very not OK? …

Whether you think the gubmint is capable of covering up such huge news is probably tied to whether or not you believe all the residents of the Ninth Ward who swear they BLEW the levee after Katrina, the way they did last century to get rid of Storyville.

Every one of our neighbors in the Ninth Ward insists that levee didn’t fail. They all heard the BOOMS at 4:30 in the morning, right before all the water came rushing in and killed everyone while they were sleeping. Notice the Ninth Ward is the only neighborhood that was FLATTENED when the water “rose” — that’s because it didn’t rise — it rushed in through a blown hole. Katrina was a practicing ground for martial law. So that’s why everyone in the Gulf is all knee-jerky.


Here’s Gaspo’s video feed. It looks like it could be silt or oil … but he was too thunderstruck to record the actual explosion-part where the camera flew 350 feet above the sea floor. Point is, the camera never recorded stuff like this before. One thing is for certain: There was definitely an “event” which led to big white heat spots on sonar, cameras being hastily pulled to the surface, live feed being replaced with looped footage, and an unannounced Presidential address cavalcade of bullshit. What the hell Obama? You’re LYING.

Oh and there was a 3.0 earthquake in Washington, D.C. AND a 3.0 earthquake in Puerto Rico this morning.


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… and finally … words from a pen pal named Jack. This passage may be squishily vulnerable to the point of hippieness, but we’ll tell you one thing right now: It’s no lie.

“i’m so sorry, as we all are for this tragedy, but it is up to us to change this. you asked for suggestions on transforming your sickness and anger into something else, i assume you mean something positive. (obv) and i think the only way is to maintain loving hearts and minds. i recently read that one way to heal negativity is to consciously breathe in all that negativity, pain, confusion, and greed, in hopes to transform it into love, healing, and compassionate selflessness. and then breathe out just that, love, compassion, healing, and selflessness, in hopes that we may change the karma of the individuals who are choosing such evil thoughts, as they are clearly lost. and we wouldn’t scold a child for being lost, we would only try to teach her. so i think we must all try to keep a positive mind, and we must keep our hearts pure. that’s all i know. and it seems more important than ever.”

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