Sermons on the Oily Mount

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Rural Texas is nice. We are on a hill, high above the imaginary black tsunami we’ve been wincing at every 2 minutes for the last couple months. Constantly.

We stay inside, though. Who knows which way the wind really blows that apocalyptic Corexit garbage.

The headache is almost gone, but we’ve talked to people in New Orleans who are getting sicker. A lot sicker. The corporate military-industrial complex is poisoning the American people against their will. We found out we have TILT – Toxic Induced Loss of Tolerance. This Mr. Nadler guy explains it. He’s a champion.

It’s easier than you think to change now. To take responsibility now. To operate from the now and move forward. Several barriers to progress fall away. Change becomes easier and less likely to be violent. We need to be like this now, not the old fighty way. To oppose something is to maintain it. To stare evil in the face is to transform it. Here are some video sermons.

In the name of political labels, personal agendas, and the comfort of denial, people are arguing amongst themselves while the Earth bleeds out. Demi-Don’ts and Republi-Can’ts are dingoes, scrapping under the banquet table of the ruling elite, and innocent Americans are sick, dying, and losing their homes and way of life. Fatcats and Gangster Party dingoes can suck it. Off with their heads.

This is robably the speech that got Kennedy murdered.

We want to see this list of Senators who are paid to represent the people of America, but are protecting BP / Halliburton / Transocean / Goldman Sachs because they are in it for themselves — not for the people they are paid to represent. They are accessories to the murder of the Gulf, its animals, its people, its history, its flora and fauna, its culture. Everything. They should all be tossed out of the Senate on their asses right now. They can kiss our rocket’s red glare.

To the Senators and U.S. Representatives who DO rock, and who did vote to peel back the veil of disaster-capitalism disinfo to get to the black greasy heart of the matter: Thank you. Bless.

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