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Here’s a heavily profane, NSFW bit of catharsis for ya.

So … What do we do with the images we saw of the Macondo well cap’s pressure blowing out the ocean floor yesterday morning, just like we all knew it would? What do we do with the camera-scrambling, looped-footage cover-up that this writer and friend Gaspo watched unfolding in realtime afterwards? What do we do with that unnanounced Presidential address two hours later in which he vaguely, hurriedly, awkwardly said everything’s fine?

What do we do with the fact that we keep hearing all this stuff which ends up being true? None of it has not been true, so far. Some of us have magically been in the right place at the right time, a few times, during this horrific Gulf Coast oilcano adventure. It’s starting to make us feel CRAYzay. But we know we ain’t.

What do we do with the nuclear rumors we hear from an insider friend, who heard it from a Navy man? Surely those are extreme panic-fueled rumors. It could be a fun game of “telephone” Karl Rove plays during disaster-capitalism exercises like this one, in order to whip people into a panic and see what comes out the other end.

But at this point, the situation is out of control, the seafloor is F’d, and they might have to try to nuke it to stop the oil from flowing forever. The relief well won’t work if the jaws of Hell are opening up. Who knows — they won’t tell us anything.

What do we do if this threat is real? What about the fact they’re deploying expensive warships and helicopters and 7,000 American troops down to Costa Rica, in such a hasty way and under such false pretenses that the whole nation down there is justifiably freaking out? What about Fidel Castro’s return to public view for the first time in four years, where he’s suddenly warning the world about nuclear war? What if my sources are correct, and the Department of Defense is indeed storming the Navy and taking all their toys and placing their own men on rigs around the Gulf?

What are they planning?

Incidentally, the art has started. It’s beautiful. The Hot 8 Brass Band is SO BAD ASS.

We heard about a number of nuclear warheads being deployed (Four? Six?), maybe as early as this Tuesday or Wednesday, without anybody warning the American people. So, knowing this may be false, we couldn’t help thinking, when Obama gave that speech yesterday morning, he might announce the decision to go nuclear, because the sea floor around the wellhead blew apart. To quote the charming video at post’s beginning, WHAT THE FUCK.

The nuclear option worked for the Russians — in bedrock. But we’ve got Mississippi River Delta cottage cheese … not bedrock. And it’s underwater, and the water is full of oil, Corexit (which accelerates oil fires), and methane. And the Earth has so many cracks in it at this point, we’re not sure how they’re going to fix it AT ALL. The scary part is, no mass evacuation has been announced. The Russians DEPOPULATED their areas before they detonated these things, in case the radioactive fallout didn’t stay underground — which it did … in bedrock.

It’s been 80 days that thing has been gushing and eroding, and p.s. the SEA FLOOR ALREADY BLEW UP.

How do we know that for sure? Technically we don’t. We’re pretty sure the footage we saw wasn’t faked. The coverup afterwards? THAT looked fake. Of course we’ll never know, but we saw it happen live, in real time. Whoosh, that ROV camera went up to the surface & the feeds all went blank or cut to looped footage.

We in the Gulf Coast saw the writing on the wall about this a long time ago. The terms “news,” “journalism,” and “conspiracy” don’t really apply any more in this situation. That’s what a media blackout is all about. That’s what happens when the oil corporations tell the media what to say and tell the military what to do.

We bloggers and citizen journalists are simply sharing information, trying to spread what we know and what we’ve heard, because BP and the government are LYING TO US ABOUT EVERYTHING. And this writer is too chemically poisoned to stay in the line of fire or to follow through on much. This site, mine, is essentially a glorified diary. Don’t forget that.

Are we “reliable sources”? That’s funny. We were watching the live feed on CNN.com and/or BP’s official site when the cap blew off … but there are NO reliable sources in this crapstorm. We weren’t the only ones who saw it. But you be the judge. Gaspo grabbed the pictures and, later, the film. He missed filming the good explosion shot because he was so dumbfounded. We have nothing to gain by lying about this. We only want to give people all the information coming in, so they can pick and choose what they’d like to believe, and act — not react — accordingly.

Today, we feel like we are the only ones in the world who saw what we saw. Weren’t there more people watching, and connecting the dots? What the crap? … Anyway, you now know everything we know, if you’ve been reading along and clicking all the links. So look up the MSDS for Corexit … and think about evacuating.

Oh look! Wait! Gaspo found another person online who filmed some footage right after his, which shows the ROV high-tailing it to the surface after the eruptions. Check the “DPTH” in meters in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

One of a number of things may be going on here.

The Gangster party gets to sterilize the old, infirm, welfare-gettin’, mouth-breathin’, self-sufficiently-livin’, and/or colored folks of the Gulf Coast while they clear out the land for drilling. They’ll take this chance to sit on their Southern peasants like a mama dog suffocates a lame puppy. And if they pulled a 9/11 sequel, they could blame it on whichever nation whose minerals they wanted.

This is a Halliburton / Goldman Sachs / Blackwater / BP death sentence. Like the beautiful Hot 8 Brass Band says in the video above: What about Halliburton being connected to all three of the biggest disasters in American history?

So let’s say they won’t have to detonate. BP may not be readying a ‘Super Weapon’ in a bid to avert the escalating Gulf nightmare and/or light up the ocean in a fiery nuclear methane-bomb. They may not be bribing scientists and universities to keep their mouths shut, and plane-crashing other whistleblowers. But the planes, they crashed.

the ROV ran away, so should we?

Maybe they’ll drill the relief well and it will all be fine. Meanwhile they’ve gotten some folks to clear out, and scared more into leaving, and poisoned and sterilized the rest. That’s our new oil factory, then. The Gulf Coast will be the condemned industrial area of the United States.

War is an industry. So is disaster. Let’s not forget the Bush family’s favorite avocation. Let’s imagine the world’s military-industrial complex as a WWF match, where the wrestlers get together backstage to discuss how they’re going to choreograph the show. They parade out into the ring, chests puffed, pumping up the emotional crowd in the heat of the moment, and flipping each other around with nary a care if bones get broken or tendons get crushed, because after the show, they’re all going to pat each other on the back and go spend up the money they made.

Oh, who knows. The worst part for Gulf Coast residents is feeling so defensive of our land and country, like we have been all our life, and knowing we let the boogeyman into our own house.

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  1. Interesting to note in the video that was found of the ROV high-tailing it for the surface that it’s traveling at about a meter per second upwards, and yet there are plumes of oil/methane/goo/whatever rushing upwards past the camera still faster than that. Now if there were nothing rushing out of the seafloor, one would expect to see the plumes of leftover goo traveling in the opposite direction, downward in the view of the camera, but no, its still moving upward faster than the ROV can escape. This has to be due to an eruption from the sea floor. This…my friend…is bad fucking news.

  2. Yes and now they officially admit to “seepage”


    Now the only reason this much is even coming out in the media is that BP and the O administration are fighting over control of the situation, so the government is trying to flex it’s “we can embarrass you” muscle by exposing the “seepage” from the seafloor. All the while, this is actually far far more than just a little leak from a little crack in the mud.

  3. shep: thank God. I realize reading this again that I sound panicked. But I was, and kind of still am. Even though it’s embarrassing to be anything less than Cool Hand Luke, I’ve got to keep the “Oilpocalypse Period” blog postings up, just so people can follow my (not unwarranted) panic and realize I’m but one of millions in the middle of a mental freakout. Not to mention the physical health part. It’s 11.9.10 today and the oil’s still coming in. Corexit is still being sprayed in such large amounts that boats full of VOO fishermen are being hospitalized. There are three drilling risers at the Macondo site, which is too expensive to be normal protocol. I’ve grown used to the notion that “they” are still considering the nuclear option. I hope cooler heads than mine prevail.

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