R.I.P. Matt Simmons – The Man Who Knew Too Much

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Who is Matt Simmons, you ask? Why, he’s — he was — the gravelly-voiced oil spill whistleblower appearing on every radio and television interview he could find, from the day after the Oilcano blew off the Louisiana coast and the Oilpocalypse started, up until his suspiciously untimely death two days ago.

Simmons did his part to try to save the ocean, the wildlife, the Cajuns, the Indians, the marsh, the beaches, and the planet — by getting the word out about his version of the truth. Rather, he gave as much truth as he could surmise, given his extensive expertise, in this crime scene filled with diabolical secrecy, fact-distortion, and killer coverups. He fought bravely against the Dark Side, and now, he is our Obi Wan.

Matthew Simmons was a successful bleeding-heart oil-industry businessman who served on the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations, and he wrote books and founded the Ocean Energy Institute. He apparently “died of a heart attack” in his hot tub. Or he “drowned,” depending on who’s telling the story.

rest in peace, and we won’t forget you

Does anybody remember when Clifford Baxter, the former vice chairman of, and chief witness against, Enron who pulled over on the side of the road and “shot himself in the back of the head”?

Or how about October 2009, when Jeffry Picower, who profited hugely in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scam, was mysteriously found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool, of an “apparent heart attack,” before he could testify?

These are the facts. Sure, maybe these people DID drown of apparent heart attacks to the back of the head. But … We’ve all seen the gangster movies. Everyone we’ve talked to about Matt Simmons’ passing gets the same squicky feeling … and there’s a place for intuition, even in the face of necessary speculation and paranoia.

We should pay attention to how the people we pay to protect us are protecting those who harm us, and how the media is NOT THE MEDIA any more, but a commercial for whatever will make their shareholders the most cash and keep their viewing audience fat, happy, and distracted.

Father (Sky and Mother Earth), forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Scripture which we’ve always interpreted as a sort of “Oh, they done did it now” or “Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em”)

shrimping season is open, and the EPA has assured us that Gulf seafood is safe to eat

And now the Gulf Coast is like the prom queen who was in love with the jerk asshole who date-raped her and left her pregnant and bleeding to death. What does Louisiana do? Die? Complain? No — we mean yes, but not unproductively.

Arrest the rapist? Not if his dad is the police chief. You get where we’re going with this metaphor … Now it’s been proven, bit by bit, leak by leak, through “hearsay” and mainstream media “reports,” that the military-industrial-corporate-Congress-Presidential complex are ALL IN BED TOGETHER, and that they’re ALL DATE-RAPING JERKS, spending our hard-earned money as they destroy wide swaths of culture, flora, fauna, and families … what do we do?

We don’t know. Do you know? Anybody? Dunno. Wish there was something better to say. It’s incredibly freaky that the powers that be are pretending the oil magically vanished. It’s GASLIGHTING. It’s crazy-making. Weirder still, take a step back and it’s obvious their partners in crime, the “news media,” are capable of mass brainwashing. Programming. Ugh.

To paraphrase our friend Lukas: Truth, and trust, are the only real currency we have left.

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hope for the future … or clouds in our coffee? You decide

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  1. I’m linking to this post on my blog because I watched Matt Simmons preach his heart out in attempt to get the word out and I’m saddened by his obviously (to my mind) unnatural death which I investigated as well as I could by reading their local newspapers and TV reports and ended up at a dead end, anyhow I think I know why we’ll never know because it’s a case of the ones close to him just deciding to live quietly and hope they don’t cross his killers by telling whatever they might suspect. Anyhow I think the man deserves the credit for trying to save us, even if not many people listened and one day it’ll be justice for all involved is my comfort. Keep on telling it and bless all the truth tellers.

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