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Duhhhh, where is all the oil, Admiral Thad Allen? We can’t see any … since the media can’t do flyovers or be within 65 feet of anything newsworthy without getting arrested. For journalism. In America. Guess that means there ain’t none! Hyuk!

There’s no possible way it’s all been injected and sprayed with Corexit, leaving it to coagulate at the bottom of the Gulf … to heat up like a lava lamp, bubbling up toxic and possibly radioactive crude for the next few hundred years, right?

And there’s no chance the world’s largest oil-spill cleanup company (owned by Halliburton, BFFs with BP) will eventually profit off this cleanup, which they’re protracting by hiding and ignoring? No way. (Retired) American military officers would never lie to us.

‎’Secrecy is a vacuum, and nothing fills a vacuum like paranoid speculation.’ – Max Brooks, World War Z

‘Always remember the first rule of conspiracies. Never ascribe to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.’ – anon.

July 30, 2010: Mission accomplished! The oil’s all gone, everybody! Whew, what a miracle. Let’s roll up the carpets and go home… what? There’s still WHAT in the marsh? No, that’s chocolate cake batter

Just a couple questions, Admiral Allen, and then we’ll get off your back:

1) What about all the video of sea floor explosions that others (besides this writer and Gaspo) have witnessed and caught on tape? What are those explosions all about, if the cap “worked”?

2) What about the ruptures in the sea floor surrounding your … uh, BP’s wellhead — some of which existed before the latest “success” with your cap thingy? How are you going to stop up those gashes and craters? According to this link, the “seeps” are “mostly nitrogen and biogenic methane unrelated to leakage” — but … see question #1. Just clue us in, please. Tell us. The American public is smart (or at least tough) enough to take it.

3) Would the shockingly premature removal of cleanup crews, flotels, boom, skimmers, and other equipment from southern Louisiana — and your insistence on pretending the cap worked and the oil is disappeared — be a simple, super-criminal case of BP abandonment? Or do you know something we don’t? In Chernobyl, “evacuation was delayed by the Soviet authorities’ unwillingness to admit the gravity of the incident.”

4) We know from Katrina that you truly care about the Gulf Coast but … Why are you the Incident Commander if you have retired from the Coast Guard?

5) Sorry to belabor the point here, but those ruptures? And the possibility the static-kill, top-kill, and relief wells won’t work? … Got any other ideas on how to seal the ocean floor besides the proven Russian method of detonating some small nuclear devices, in that flammable Corexit-water, with all the poison gas around? Can you lay our fears to rest about that whole nuclear thing? Or … Ok, more lies. ::bends over and grabs ankles::

Apologies for the two-week hiatus, impassioned and cranky readers. Well, not really; we were busy LEAVING HOME because of the Agent Or — er, Corexit … plus, all the conjecture was taking its toll. There’s only so much we can worry and fret out loud, in the absence of any real information from the criminals in charge of the crime scene, or from those governmental and military agencies we pay taxes to protect them — er, us.

Traveling away from New Orleans, we’ve been living in the car in truck stops, with the dog sleeping on the floorboard and every possession stuffed in the back seat and trunk. Car troubles along the way cleared out what was left of the bank account (IRONY). We gave away most of our things, because you can’t keep paying rent on an apartment in the Ninth Ward when you don’t know when you’ll be back, because you don’t want another Corexit headache and spazz attack, EVER.

Call us a wussy reactionary whiny delicate flower if you like — but you wouldn’t, if we had children. If we had kids, you’d congratulate us for protecting our young. But all we have is the dog, and the skeleton-house in New Orleans … and two of those things will suffer serious bodily harm if they breathe more Corexit-crude toxins or play in the poison rain.

Maybe this Oilpocalypse was all just a big accident due to negligence and systemic failure. Maybe there is no evil plan, no man behind the curtain. Who can say. We’re all hoping the relief well works. And that they find some way to seal up all those holes and gashes in the sea floor without harming anyone else. And that they stop spraying Corexit, and let the rest of the crude float to the surface and suck it up with skimmers. Like everybody else in the world does. Successfully.

But they won’t.

Fact: When they stop spraying Corexit and start telling the truth, we (Burners Without Borders, as well as America’s royal ‘we’) can get down to the business of cleaning up. No pun intended.

Specifically, the Cajun Nation should get to the “business” of cleaning up. The “Coonass Navy” oughta be paid very well by the companies behind this disaster — by the spillionaires who greased their Bayous and killed all their fish and crops.

Boots & Coots, and anyone else attached to the Oil-thulhus which poisoned our home and waters, should not be able to collect nary a gold doubloon more. This is destruction and piracy on a massive scale, and will continue to be so, until we hand-wringers can figure out what to really do, really. Really, for real, like good Americans, do something about this. All of us.

We’ve calmed down enough to change our minds (again) about permanently relocating to the expensive, low-lying coastal region of Northern California. Because we want to come back to our Dixie homeland, to bounce to Rusty Lazer every Saturday night at the St. Roch, and vacation in the Bayous until we die old and fishing.

Right now, we would rather be in New Orleans, glistening in the heat, getting that gutted little Fight Club house liveable to where we didn’t have to pay rent on an apartment ever again. Or maybe we’d be tilling the yard, making strides toward that first garden ever, on our very own property by the River — bought, magically, for the price of a gently used car. Amazing.

The American Dream, really. A dark retelling of it, anyway. Not nearly as dark as the stories of the hundreds of thousands of people who live right under those planes, by all that toxic crude, who literally depend on the flora and fauna of the Gulf to make a living.

Actually we were going to plant mustard greens in the whole back yard first, to leach the metals out of the soil. What to do with the metallic greens, once they’d done their remediative magic? Wasn’t sure. Throw them in the River across the street — that was the joke. Of course, we didn’t want to see our favorite River on Earth polluted any more than it already was. That River was our backup plan for if the coming economic-nightmare predictions became a reality — spend our life savings on land with a water source, so we could fish and grow food when tough times called for a return to the simple life. Meanwhile, we’d learn homesteading and DIY green technology (“Cajuneering”) — just because it seemed like what we should be doing with life at this point.

It didn’t even occur to us, this oilpocalypse. Not on the list of possible catastrophes to have to deal with. Crackheads, yes. Hurricanes, yes. Widespread romantic Louisiana decay and lack of infrastructural support, yes. Land that sits below sea level, yes that’s why there’s an attic. We wouldn’t have bought a house without an attic. We wouldn’t have bought a house if it wasn’t right next to the River we grew up playing in, so that we’d always have food and never go hungry.

Our heart wants to believe this was an accident caused by negligence — and made infinitely worse by the little boys who run the crime scene, shoving money under a rug and holding the broken toys behind their backs. Our heart wants to hold the net of light and all that hoo-ha, to wish and pray and make everything better. However, this tiny tinfoil hat we’ve grown hopes to warn people to wake up and see what The Powers That Be might be planning, since they’ve been proven to not give a crap about “the small people.” In the end, we hope the heart takes the tinfoil hat and scrunches it into a ball, both on an individual and a worldwide scale.

But for the moment, reality is living like a refugee in our own country and we are FILLED WITH RIGHTEOUS ANGER.

Um… Fart joke! Smiley face! Enjoy the pain, below!


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To further our mission of helping individuals with substance abuse problems, we have recently launched this comprehensive national directory of inpatient treatment options. In addition to this, we offer treatment advisors to help navigate the process. It has been a monumental undertaking to collect and verify all inpatient programs whether or not they have an online prescense. Scrolling down our page, you will find how extensive the listings we have gathered are. We believe that the end result provides the best Louisiana treatment compilation on the web.

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  1. Glad you are ok. Well, I mean “ok” as loosely as possible. Was worried the evil guys had gotten to you and either offed you or paid you off to hush up. Um, kidding. Sort of. Regardless, happy you are alive and as well as can be expected! I am still here in New Orleans, so let me know if I can do anything to help you out around here. And thanks for keeping the word out there about what is going on.

  2. I’m also glad you’re ok, and that the headaches seem to be improving. (Hi, I’m Brody, fellow burner-chick, been following your blog on and off for a few years…ON now that this oil crazydisaster has happened).

    I’m in the Bay Area (Berkeley/SF depending on time of day). If you end up here in your roamings, I’d be happy to treat you to a cuppa coffee and a snack. Be well.

  3. Once again I must make note of the many disasters and greed of most human beings, and I remember why I don’t mind cleaning the catbtox, or even clean the occasional Hairball. Incidentally, I don’t use vasoline for those little suckers…

  4. well gypsy princess, queen of words, daughter of the revolution,
    defender of all things decent…may your white bird land soon
    thank-you and many blessings

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