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OK we’re back amongst the Interweb of life. Anybody got a place we and the dog can stay? Haha. No but really. Evacuee status resumed. Not complaining, just saying. We can do work trade (no not like that). Anywhere in the Bay Area, or on the Western side of America?

Just gonna stay out West until they stop spraying Corexit — which they haven’t; see for yourself — plus 30 days waiting for it to off-gas. We love our friends, and California’s nice, but the couch-surfing … well, at least we don’t have to sleep in the front seat of our car in random truck stops anymore. What about national parks — how long can you camp til they kick you out?

We want to go back to the Bayou and to Grand Isle SO BAD, and indeed we feel like we’re cheating on New Orleans whenever we have fun anywhere else — as will sometimes happen, despite the sad circumstances, on a cross-country road trip with chosen-family reunions all along the way — but we can’t go back.

We can’t go home because the powers that be are Agent-Orange-ifying the Gulf of Mexico, and because we made life choices which lowered our tolerance to hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, if we go back there now, we may not turn out so good. So yeah. Looking for somewhere to post up. Can’t earn money or write steadily til we have a … place.

Burning Man was a success. It was our 11th or 12th year there in Nevada’s 3rd largest (temporary) city. IWeworked Gate/Perimeter alot of the time, of course. Can’t go to a party without working. Bunches of people came to Burners Without Borders and looked at the Gulf Coast “folk art” we made and danced to the 28th Amendment idea and listened to us and Carmen on the radio. Someone stole the red GULF COAST flag we painted, with a drippy fleur-de-lis all glittery white and blingy. Ah well, it was a flag. Flags were made to be stolen.

So meanwhile, in the default world, the teabaggers have won some primaries. They walk around in life with their dukes up and their hackles raised, and we don’t, and that’s why they’re more interesting to watch than we are, truck-wreck style. But then, on the other hand, the Teabaggers are pointing out something that’s bloated and doesn’t work anymore. Don’t hate them because they can’t dance.

Remember, above all, that Nero fiddled while Rome burned because he was waiting for it ALL to be destroyed, so he could rebuild it the way he wanted it, suiting him and his ego, using the People’s money. The Roman emperors kept the hoi polloi distracted with bread, circuses, and gladiator fights. They didn’t care which gladiator won — just that the People were bamboozled enough to mis-identify the real enemies.

Consider the yin-yang symbol, and the stuff Alan Watts says about it which makes one almost weepy, with the beauty of creation lumping up in throats every time that booming, Godlike voice comes out a stereo speaker. “You are something the Universe is doing, in the way that a wave is something the whole ocean is doing…” Anyway.

We are different, but identical. The more do-it-yourself, we’re-not-falling-for-it, see-behind-the-curtain-ness that goes on in today’s awakening world, the louder the attention-seeking, ego-based section of humanity’s bleachers are going to woot-woot and pump their fists. We have in our potential future an Idiocracy … but good always wins. Doesn’t it?

In personal news, we decided to go get checked out at the Lady Doctor to see if our repeated chemical poisonings from Corexit would indeed lead to 2-butoxyethanol three-eyed babies. Here’s what they told us: We have no way to test you until you get pregnant. So guess we’re REALLY not having kids now.

Thanks, BP / Halliburton / USCG / Team Obama! Way to leave us twisting in the wind in every way possible! Enjoy that cash; we’re sure you’ll make good use of it as kindling in Hell.

p.s. the title’s from a Dwarves record. The Dwarves are, of course, young and good-looking.


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