6 months later: oil coming ashore, Corexit planes flying, & fishing waters open

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… and the rest of the planet seems to be falling apart, too.

Something is uptick-ing. We’re going to have to step it up, to account for the slackers and idiots. Read the depressing news and then go out and make lemonade. Put some vodka in it, is the Cyclecide recipe for “clown water” ™.

And if you’re feeling like taking action for the financially-blindsided people of the Oilpocalypse States, consider calling every church in the phone book in your town and alerting them to the continuing problems in the Gulf, and the TOY DRIVE (and other-items drive) Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana is organizing for the holidays. Copy-paste Kindra Arnesen’s open letter to email to the pastors when you do. *Not while drinking clown water.

Just an idea. Holler in the comments section if you’re covering an area. We don’t mean to be all Tyler Durden this-is-your-assignment-for-the-week-ish, but at the same time, here’s one concrete way we could smother the Gulf with a little love from all over the world this fall. Yes?

On a personal note, it turns out there has been a hydrogen sulfide leak in the Chalmette Refinery down the road from our house in the Lower Ninth Ward for who-knows-how-long. No wonder our chemical poisoning didn’t abate on the trips back and forth from the Bayou to the Ninth Ward during the Oilpocalypse.

No wonder everyone in our neighborhood and over the canal had “the flu” and mouth sores and ear infections and deep coughs and otherwise-poisoned-symptoms all summer. Meanwhile, over here in California where we’re at, nobody seems to realize there’s a full-blown chemical attack on American people and world wildlife being perpetrated by the Spillionaires and facilitated by our own government, down by where they go to Mardi Gras. IT IS STILL HAPPENING.

Sincere thoughts and prayers to the family of the man who passed away trying to fix this egregious negligence at the Refinery. The people of St. Bernard Parish could use a little help too. They kind of got ignored in the Katrina thing, even though they’re right next door to the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Community Center of St. Bernard Parish is the backbone over there, and they ALWAYS need fresh resources. Everybody in our ‘hood visits at least once a week to get free food, clothes, coffee, acupuncture, flyers, news, and help with food stamps and paperwork. And we’re not talking about drug-addled welfare leeches. We’re talking about regular people like you and me who used to fish or make oil, who have been thrown under the bus, either directly or in some roundabout way, due to our energy consumption habits.

So. Doing stuff is the new buying things. Enjoy and thank you.


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  1. hey lady! thx for the shout out in your last blog post, appreciate it :). Also, check this out, I just found out about it this morning. It’s a group of individual citizens and nonprofit orgs coming together to take action. The Gulf Restoration Network is leading the charge and here is their plan. It’s called “The Weeks Bay Principles for Gulf Recovery” – click on the PDF to read the full document. keep postin’, love your blog :) take care – bg

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