The Drunks, the Dosed, and the Drugly

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Oh hello. High. We just found out that Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, approved of LSD therapy as a means to cure alcohol addiction. He even experimented with it himself, repeatedly. Aldous Huxley was there too.

Stunning revelation, that. We didn’t know that. And this, on an occasion when California Governator Schwarzenegger lets his common sense show and decriminalizes weed for good. How juicy. Once again, California leads the way in revolutionary ideas which may save the planet.

The legal history of cannabis is a long and salacious one, fraught with as much corruption on the part of the powers that be as with any other major industry … but hemp is the real issue here. Hemp’s saga is inextricably tied to the evil machinations of the petrochemical and weapons warlords of the Rockefeller / Hearst / Farben era. We are fighting their corporate progeny in the Gulf Coast Oilpocalypse now. Here’s a far-reaching history lesson to make your head hurt.

When you get the message, hang up the phone. -Alan Watts, on the subject of drugs

Americans, aside from the puritanical fringe, are starting to understand that refined sugar is the real “gateway drug” [srsly read that link], while cannabis is being scientifically proven to be more of an “exit drug” for addictions of all kinds. And prescription drugs? Satan in a Sunday hat. Cannabis? It’s just a plant; it’s hard to “abuse” it. Way harder than alcohol. The taxes we’d make as a nation? Through the roof. We could fund ocean exploration and cleanup LIKE THAT.

Not to mention the welcome attitude adjustment which would wash over this country. But of course if our nation was more stoned than drunk, we wouldn’t drunk-drive to go spend money. We’d be more content with what we already had, and that would NOT be good for the economy. We would turn, even in little ways, back to nature. We would begin to figure things out.

Here’s an idea: What if pushy old Bobby Jindal did like Gavin Newsom with gay marriage and “threw a bomb” by declaring hemp to be Louisiana’s newest legal cash crop? Not that he would.

The stuff grows and is harvested up to 4 times a year, especially in places with little to no frost. What else does Louisiana have to lose? What do they stand to gain? In what other ways could our nation’s environmental whipping-post for human sins fluff their resilient Coonass feathers and heroically make lemons into lemonade? Hemp in Louisiana. Think about it.

Hemp could save the planet — but energy oil-hog Americans can’t grow it, because it’s placed in the same category as “marijuana,” but we should, because it’s not.

Hemp will be legally farmed in America again, and cannabis too, but maybe only when Monsanto procures the exclusive “terminator” seed strains (and corresponding, proprietary, genetically-modified fertilizer) it requires in order to crush any other competition.

Then the laws will change, and hemp AND weed will be fair game. For Monsanto only. And as long as BP / Halliburton / the US Military is still applying millions of gallons of Corexit down there, the stinging rain will continue to kill the Souths’s and East Coast’s organic, non-Monsanto crops. But that’s another post for another day.

Alcoholism is rampant in the Gulf Coast right now, and so are other manifestations of psychological distress. Substance abuse and domestic violence always spike during a tragedy — even more so, we’d wager, when the sufferers feel as abandoned by their own country and political system as we do right now.


It came up in conversation at the cafe that apparently, Bill Wilson, the morally-flawed but nevertheless world-changing and venerable founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, experimented with LSD and found it to be highly therapeutic. About his experiments, Wilson “wrote to Carl Jung, praising the results obtained with LSD and recommending it as a validation of Jung’s spiritual work.” Jung died and the letter was never sent.

Bill loved LSD. He urged everyone he knew to try it, including his wife Lois, his secretary Nell Wing, his friend Dr. Jack Norris, Reverend Sam Shoemaker, and Father Ed Dowling. He even thought his mother might benefit.
My Name Is Bill; Bill Wilson — His Life And The Creation Of Alcoholics Anonymous, Susan Cheever, page 241.

Here’s what Dr. Stanislav Grof’s book Psychology of the Future has to say about it:

Bill Wilson, the co-founder of A.A., participated after twenty years of sobriety in a psychedelic program and had several LSD sessions. he considered these experiences very useful and made an effort to introduce supervised psychedelic sessions into Alcoholics Anonymous. This caused a major turmoil in the movement and was eventually rejected.

Grof goes on to assert that any spiritual emergency can be cured by transpersonal psychology and holotropic therapy — i.e., finding a good shrink / “spirit guide” who will help you white-knuckle through emotional issues during altered states of consciousness, until some sort of epiphany is reached. And epiphany must be reached, not shied away from nor placated with replacement chemicals.

People with addictions are sick; they’re not criminals. Criminals sell whatever’s illegal and desirable, and they kill each other and innocent people in order to do it. (No, we’re not talking about BP / Halliburton this time.)

Addictions are a psycho-spiritual alarm with a physical manifestation, and profiteers take advantage of that, both on the street and in the Halls of Justice, in order to suppress minority populations. For example, methadone is a legal, Nazi-invented heroin (and now OxyContin) substitute that doesn’t get you high but keeps you addicted to something. Methadone kills a lot of trusting people and its distribution is seen in terms of billable hours and the bottom line. Et-nauseam-cetera.

“Only a deep spiritual experience can save people from the ravages of alcohol,” Grof says — and however one gets to that experience should be their own right and privilege, if it doesn’t hurt anybody else.

Do you hear that? The only thing that cures addiction is a deep spiritual experience. We didn’t say it — science guys did. Big Pharma can’t sell meditation, reawakening, OR transformation to you in pill form. The button for that is mashed within.

You can’t argue or rationalize addiction away. It requires surrender to some sort of higher power, period. But apparently, LSD shines a laser beam on the heart of the matter. We’d imagine atheists, as well as buttoned-up jihadis and homo-haters, would benefit greatly from having their brains stretched out in a hosted session down the rabbit hole…

We’d also imagine fewer prisoners would be repeat offenders if their monthly regimen included a lysergically-spiked sharing circle (with armed guards and a small padded room off to the side, in case somebody got really drugly).

In one of my early books I suggested that the potential significance of LSD and other psychedelics for psychiatry and psychology was comparable to the value the microscope has for biology or the telescope has for astronomy. My later experience with psychedelics only confirmed this initial impression. These substances function as unspecific amplifiers that increase the cathexis (energetic charge) associated with the deep unconscious contents of the psyche and make them available for conscious processing. This unique property of psychedelics makes it possible to study psychological undercurrents that govern our experiences and behaviours to a depth that cannot be matched by any other method and tool available in modern mainstream psychiatry and psychology. In addition, it offers unique opportunities for healing of emotional and psychosomatic disorders, for positive personality transformation, and consciousness evolution. – Stanislav Grof

The war on drugs isn’t working, and it sucks. It’s useless, expensive, and deadly. It leads to a prison planet and a deepening of the class war, and more profits for the few, and more heartache and alcoholism for the Small People, in the Oilpocalypse and on the planet in general. Legalize it all and let God sort it out.

Additionally, check out this chart of annual causes of death in the United States, and tell me what you think of the 85,000-to-ZERO ratio of alcohol- to marijuana-related deaths tells you. Then look at the uses for hemp and write a letter to someone in the American government, won’t you?

“Oh, and keep drinking beer, you morons.” – Bill Hicks

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  1. I’d like to believe with the coming collapse that we Americans will rise above sheeple status and rewrite the declaration to destroy large, corrupt, polluting corporations. Give everybody some land and the tools to cultivate, centering a democracy around community meetings..

    But In all honesty, I’ll live through a huge die-off because most humans will be too dumb to feed themselves, or in denial of no more free rides from the socialist system, and we’ll have lots of people with guns looting and killing for a while.

    I’m kinda excited for the “Apocalypse.” Then I won’t have to get a “real” job, work 9-5’s, or pay back this shitty student loan debt I’ve got.. and I’ll get to live with my friends like a small community.

  2. Nice to hear this all again
    Imagine knowing most of this and having to watch the worlds spiral over the past 40 years
    I think thats the source of these statistics
    Over and over and over
    On every front and every issue
    the government of the day has chosen the most devastating solution to every problem
    corexit on oil is just the most recent chapter
    Monkeys flipping coins would get it right ½ the time
    So who is in control when at every critical juncture
    the new guy on the white horse picks evil over sanity?
    Seems like humanity in general is immune to logic and scientific data
    Consequences are never attached to actions
    (present company excepted of course)
    I doubt if there will be a great awakening or a great collapse
    Like the economy it will just get tighter and tighter on all fronts
    Until you can’t move
    Sad really … there were lots of better ways to run a planet

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