You can take our hippie food when you pry it from our cold, dead hands

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Been thinking a lot about Monsanto lately. Everyone’s favorite corporate villain. Are they really that villainous?

We’ll answer that question with a question: Does a bum poop on the sidewalk?

After all, Monsanto basically invented Napalm, DDT, Agent Orange, and Corexit, the chemical dispersant which made us ill and homeless, and continues to make thousands upon thousands of people sick.

We are still homeless, and they are still rich. And their spillionaire friends are still chemically poisoning American people using taxpayer-funded governmental planes and equipment. Mad yet?

And people here in California were freaking out a couple weeks ago when Prop. 19 came up for a vote. The stoners — contrary to squaresville belief, their brains contain more than just song lyrics and quotes from Southparksmelled a rat and opposed it.

George Soros, the multibillionaire backer (and some say secret architect) of the bill is a major investor in Monsanto stock. Stoners, growers, and cancer-fighting pirates want the weed industry to grow like the wine industry — all organic and lovingly-crafted, boutique-like. Otherwise, everyone’s gonna get genetically-modified pesticide bammer and that’s it. Forever.

Word is still out on whether Soros was hatched in the same dark and slimy lizard cave as Rupert Murdoch, but something tells us he’s got a wee bit more class. Anyone who lends a financial hand to the ailing field of actual journalism gets points in our book, even if we know the point-getter destroys national economies and buys bottles of wine priced in the same bracket as a fixer-upper in New Orleans. But we don’t trust Soros, or Prop. 19, farther than we could trebuchet him.

Also, Bill and Melinda Gates, America’s favorite nerd-population power-couple, just kicked everyone in the stomach by investing in Monsanto. This is particularly upsetting, this and Soros, because the both of these guys are so freaking rich they could actually STAND UP TO Monsanto. But they are in league. Their dirty money is all in the same genetically-modified, patented pig pile.

Here’s a fascinating Youtube history lesson on Darth Fooder called “Monsanto: Extinction”:

So here’s the point.

Today — November 17, 2010 — the Senate will deliberate and maybe pass a bill that would essentially outlaw gardening and saving seeds. Senate bill S-510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, is another blasphemy-in-disguise from Monsanto and Friends, designed to put all our eggs in one basket-shaped cage. On lockdown. With no windows.

You get the drift. Somebody telling you what to eat. Or, in this case, telling you the good things you like to eat might be dangerous, while the multicolored plastic FDA-approved crapfood continues to proliferate on the shelves of gargantuan box stores like a non-regulated virus.

The bill already passed in the House. Which is … unbelievable. But believable. So thanks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it’s about to go live. Unless … maybe, unless we flood all the players with phone calls. If not, at least the news may say the Senate was flooded with phone calls and then the jackals “won” (stole it) again anyway, meaning our system of government is REALLY broken.

Farmers are quite fed up with it all. Some are contemplating going on strike if this bill goes through. Imagine no production for a year. Maybe then farmers would get a little respect.

Even though only 2% of the US population now farms, they are providing one of the basic essentials of life… Food. Many are tired of always being portrayed as the cause of all ills and being subject of biased regulation and bureaucracy. At my last Farm Bureau meeting the concept of a farmers strike was tossed around, and it was not ill received.” -commenter RogueIntellect, from this Grist article on s-510

Read this article by Serious Eats to understand what’s going on. Watch an explanatory video here (no really watch it), sign the petition here, and call up author Senator Johnny Isakson’s Washington office at (202) 224-3643, and his Georgia office at (770) 661-0999. Go to and type in your zip code in the box in the upper right hand corner to find your own Senators’ numbers, or call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be directly connected to House Majority Leader Sen. Reid’s office and then your Senators’ offices: (202) 224-3121. Certainly it wouldn’t hurt to make a couple calls …

Tell them thank you for all the regulations so far. Those will suffice. Tell them you’d rather decide for yourself what to eat, and maybe they could copy the back of the Burning Man festival ticket, and stick a label on raw / organic / homegrown / non-santo products which reads “YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH JUST BY INGESTING THIS UNPASTEURIZED YOGURT.”

But they ain’t gonna shake down Maggie’s farm no more on our behalf. We mean it’s time to activate the phone tree, ladies.

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” ~Thomas Jefferson

And remember … it costs the taxpayers a rumored $23,000 for the D.E.A. to use a helicopter for half a day. Soon, unless we squawk together a little bit, they may be low-flying the choppers over fields all across America, knocking everyone’s crops down with the landing gear.

UPDATE: The Senate has voted to table it for 60 days. Something tells us social media is actually working to help us get our Congress back, or at least know what’s going on. We’re heartened, but we hope everyone keeps calling, especially since the Senate Republicans also voted today — unanimously — AGAINST a bill to help guarantee fair pay for women.

Call ’em up!

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio supports S 510, and called out the statistics by the Centers for Disease Control that report there are 76 million foodborne illnesses a year, with 5,000 resulting in death. What Brown did not say was that the FDA — the very agency further empowered by S 510 — is responsible for the approval of pharmaceutical drugs that result in 100,000 deaths a year.

None of the supporters of S 510 will acknowledge the corrupt nature of the Food and Drug Administration. Monsanto executives now work at the FDA or on President’s Obama’s Food Safety Task Force.

What legislators continue to ignore from the public is that we do not support giving federal agencies even more power — especially over something as inherently private as food choices.

None of the legislators will discuss the FDA raids on natural food operations which sickened no one, while it allowed Wright County Egg to sicken people for decades before finally taking action.”

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