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On Thanksgiving Day, we eat PIZZA and remember the genocide of native people which allowed colonizers to take over this country.

We eat CHILAQUILES and remember the enslaving of millions of kidnapped Africans which allowed Whitey to rise to superpower status. We eat ASIAN NOODLES WITH SRIRACHA and keep in mind the slow genocide of the Cajun people, and the native Americans left down in the swamp, which started on Earth Day of this year and will continue unabated until further notice.

We pray — is it praying, when you’ve got no religious Team? — for Dug, whom we’re afraid to call because we hear he’s sick, but we know he’s at his country house with his family, and not in Grand Isle. We pray for Catfish Miller, who is still sick, whose blood test results were “lost” at the hospital. We pray for the souls of the BP Incident Commander and his family, who died in a plane crash, and for another scientist working on the spill, a young mother who supposedly committed suicide by administering herself a cyanide capsule in a hotel room. And Matt Simmons, of course.

Mac Mackenzie from NOLA ER’s photo of a shrimp head, taken Nov. 20-ish. Nothing to see here, move along. Hey, they may grope you before you get on the plane! Enjoy that gumbo, America

Closer to home, we pray for C.J., who FINALLY got out of the Gulf and to safer land, whose blood test results came back super high with carcinogens and heavy metals. We pray he will follow the instructions from Holly the Shaman to the letter, and detox his ass up until he’s clean again. AND QUIT SMOKING ya heard me, C.J.? Carcinogens of a feather flock together …

Anyway, the Climate Change Relocation Center of Seattle now has its first Coonass relocation specimen (*but still no money). And he’s loud and proud and hilarious and he can sing just like Louis Armstrong. Look out, Seattle, yall are about to get enriched by culture. (Another benefit of genocide is race-mixing. Nothing says “enslave the underclass” like defoliating and depopulating the naturally abundant areas where they previously existed outside the realm of consumerism.)

We pray for another friend who is sick, who has been sick since the Corexit planes started carpet-bombing us, and who will continue to be sick until she leaves her ancestral home. We’re talking sinus pressures, sores in her mouth, rashes all over her body, internal bruising, bleeding out the ears and other places too private to mention… She won’t leave, though, even though she knows, and has admitted out loud, that she is subjecting herself to cancer and possibly early death, because her tyrannical abusive ex-husband won’t let her have custody of her four children, who are also breathing in the Corexit.

She won’t leave her children and she can’t figure out how to get the courts to let her take her children out of harm’s way. Even if she did, she’s got no money. The seafood restaurant her family owns is low on business — even though people are still eating the seafood because they have been taught to trust their government. One by one, like our friend who serves seafood all day long but won’t ever eat it again, the people are becoming aware. But that doesn’t mean they’ve got the strength or resources to leave, or the nourishment or funds to stay and enjoy productive, fulfilling existences.

We pray for aNOTHERnother friend who, after decades of happy marriage, is succumbing with her other half to the stress of it all — like many couples pressure-cooking under this inordinate strain of should-I-stay-or-should-I-go, they are separating.

We pray for each and every family who used to eat out of the water in their back yards, and feed their families from nature’s bounty, because they are literally starving to death. We pray for all our Gulf Coast friends, who have been sick all summer long and are still sick now. We pray for the little precious baby next door who has had more ear infections, runny noses, rashes, and now ‘scarlet fever’ (?) than anyone in a young life should have.

We’re only listing these things off the top of our head, from the people we have talked to lately. Multiply this by the hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, and then read through the links at the end of this post very carefully.

This is some serious shit, and nobody seems to be able to know what to do about it. This is adding to the pressure — the fact that Americans aren’t outraged. They are swallowing the putrid effluence of the media circus, which has only its best interest at heart.

We know. We said we’d lean toward comedy and music from now on. But we just don’t feel like singing or awkward-butt-dancing today.

Tomorrow, for Buy Nothing Day, well that’s a different story.

illustration of the 1637 Pequot massacre, in which the artist celebrates American Whitey’s victory by genocide


Republic of Lakotah: Cooking the History Books — The Thanksgiving Massacre

In 1637, the Pequot tribe of Connecticut gathered for the annual Green Corn Dance ceremony. Mercenaries of the English and Dutch attacked and surrounded the village; burning down everything and shooting whomever try to escape. The next day, Newell notes, the Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony declared: “A day of Thanksgiving, thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children.” It was signed into law that, “This day forth shall be a day of celebration and thanksgiving for subduing the Pequots.”

The Pequot massacre came after the colonists, angry at the murder of an English trader suspected by the Pequots of kidnapping children, sought revenge. Rather than fighting the dangerous Pequot warriors, John Mason and John Underhill led a group of colonists and Native allies to the Indian fort in Mystic, and killed the old men, women, and children who were there. Those who escaped were later hunted down. The Pequot tribe numbered 8,000 when the Pilgrims arrived, but disease had brought their numbers down to 1,500 by 1637. The Pequot “War” killed all but a handful of remaining members of the tribe.”

Orion: Terry Tempest Williams essay “The Gulf Between Us” (get the kleenex)

Project Gulf Impact: Gulf fisherman’s son poisoned by Corexit — Kidney stones at age 10 (VIDEO) (yep, keep them kleenex out)

Stories from the Gulf: Thaddeus Pellegrin (wow)

Newsvine 13 Nov. 2010: Secret chemical spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July (PHOTOS)

NOLA.com: BP oil spill incident commander dies in small plane crash (hmmmm)

HuffPo: Corporate profits hit new record high, US workers still struggling

Rawstory exclusive: Professor who downplayed oil spill has federal government contracts

Raw Story exclusive: Heavy metals go untested in Gulf seafood

NOLA.com: Grand Isle despairing for a way of life

WWL-TV: Oil spill protesters converge on Grand Isle

FOSL: Women around Gulf with internal bleeding & mysterious bruises on torso (VIDEO)

FOSL: Recent tests “using HUMAN cell lines, show that dispersants cause cell death and DNA damage,” says university director

Global Research: BP — the unfinished crimes and plunder of Anglo-American imperialism (god, boring history but it’s worth reading)

Youtube: BBC’s The Death of the Oceans

The Lens: Hurricane recovery loans go to Baton Rouge refinery work (i.e. $312 million for Exxon-Mobil) (“In 2009, the Texas-based oil company earned $442.85 billion in revenue, up almost 19 percent from 2007. The company also took in the biggest annual profit of any Fortune 500 company, earning $45.2 billion, according to the Associated Press.”)

Hoodooed: Suncoast Sierra Club’s Gulf truth forum did not speak the truth — Scientists on their panel have studies funded by BP (“Professor Peebles even said that there were no problems with seafood testing and sampling and nothing to show the risk or hazards of eating it and that he ate it with no problem. Unknown to him and the rest of the panel and the attendees since I was not permitted to speak, the most recent sampling, testing and analysis of two pounds of shrimp from the Gulf showed a 193ppm (parts per million) reading. The sample was taken by Mac MacKenzie of Louisiana and evaluated by Bob Naiman of ACT Labs in Alabama.”)

YouTube: BP oil spill protest anthem from the Raging Grannies: “Halliburton & BP, You Suck!”

AL.com: Troy King issues ‘consumer alert’ on spill claims process; says Feinberg works for BP

Youtube: “Bunch of buddies of mine breaking out with ‘staph'” — ‘it’s something out of the water,’ say doctors

Bernama: Russia joins oil rush in Cuba’s Gulf of Mexico coast

Greenprophet: How do you hide from an oil spill? Bahrain aims to find out

The Hayride: Obama backs billion-dollar loan to PEMEX for Gulf oil drilling

Latin-American Herald-Tribune: Mexico’s PEMEX posts a $113-million profit in 1st quarter of 2010

WWL-TV: Claims denied for multi-million dollar oyster company

AL.com: Boat People SOS still helping Asian community with oil spill claims

Washington Post: The ecological monster who said … peep: why the Gulf oil didn’t spread to voting booths

USA Today: Oil spill report reaction roundup

Urkunet: America’s Gulf — An ongoing catastrophic disaster

Allvoices: BP Gulf oil spill damage — millions of dead fish surfacing

Alternet: New evidence links BP to health crisis in the Gulf

FOSL: Still no one is doing anything about health issues — Corexit neurotoxins “eat up the brain” and “it takes out your liver, kidneys, and lungs”

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: BP is busy promoting a culture of recklessness

Mother Jones: BP’s bad breakup — how toxic is Corexit?

Local 15 TV, Nov. 22: Bon Secour shrimpers say nets and shrimp covered with oil, after shrimping trip off Louisiana coast

YouTube: CRUDE OIL found in oysters at N.C. restaurant (Obama says eat it)

NOLA.com: Tarballs close 4200 square miles of Gulf of Mexico to fishing for royal red shrimp

LA Seafood Newsroom: A ‘Top Chef’ turns up the heat to draw support for Gulf seafood (and we bet our left arm he’s got a big check in the bank from BP, no joke)

Boston Globe: Returning to the scene of the grime — scientists chase evicence of Gulf oil spill to measure its cost

YouTube: Removing oiled sand from Gulf Coast beaches

WSJ: Ken Feinberg (who else?) to handle oil-spill escrow fund

AOL News: Gulf oil spill victims can’t sue BP if they accept lump-sum payment (“But more than half of the emergency claims will be rejected … “I am estimating that 125,000 have come in with no documentation whatsoever. None. Those claims will be denied,” [Feinberg] said. “An additional 100,000 claims have come in with documentation [that] is woefully inadequate. A fisherman will say, ‘I lost $30,000 during the spill, pay me,’ and he attaches his fishing license with no further documentation.” THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S A CASH BUSINESS, YOU MINION OF THE DEVIL)

AL.com: US Rep. Bonner unimpressed by Feinberg’s latest claims announcement, says he’s ‘lost trust’

Counterpunch.org: BP’s Inside Game (stunning blow-by-blow piece) (“Another NOAA scientist charted out the worst-case scenario on a whiteboard: “Est. 64k – 100k barrels a day.” Right on the money, even though it took the Obama administration more than 50 days to admit that the oil was flowing at a rate of more than 14,000 barrels a day … Of course, the administration could have simply subpoenaed BP’s own records, as Congressman Ed Markey eventually did. On June 20, Markey released an internal memo from BP that estimated that as much as 100,000 barrels a day might be surging out of the broken wellhead. Far from fact-checking BP’s information, some members of the Obama administration were acting as conduits for the company’s lowballing.”)

Disenfranchised Citizen: $14 billion will be returned to BP, Feinberg estimates

YouTube: All kinds of sea birds paralyzed and dead around Sarasota

UPI.com: Investigators say Transocean not cooperative

YouTube: Musicians sound call for Gulf Coast recovery

Houston Chronicle: Five myths about BP spill’s ecological impact

NYDN: WTC hero loses his fight with cancer — Retired NYPD cop Robert Ehmer, 47, was 9/11 First Responder (“More than 900 first responders have died of ailments blamed on their service at Ground Zero, officials say … John Feal, head of an advocacy group for 9/11 first responders, believes the actual number is probably much higher.”)

Raw Story: 92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11

Huliq: Death on the beach — thousands of sea lions washed up along West Coast beaches

Opensecrets.org: Congressional members’ personal wealth expands despite sour national economy

America Psycho: Monsanto EVP and Nalco (Corexit) Director are the same person

NY Times: Missing oil spill commission document shows BP made risky decisions in Gulf to save time

PGI in Seattle: Talking about the need to band together

LA Times: In Yemen, a barefaced advocate for women’s rights

Raw Story: Largest-ever insider trading probe targets Goldman Sachs

Common Dreams: Patriotic Millionaires explain that tax cuts for the rich don’t grow the economy

Times UK: Warren Buffett blasts system that lets him pay less tax than secretary

Techdirt: The 19 senators who voted to censor the Internet

CBS News: Air Force launches massive, secret spy satellite

1984 – full movie

Science Daily: Surprise link between weird quantum phenomena: Heisenberg uncertainty principle sets limits on Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’

Dr. Andrew Weil: Why plants are (usually) better than drugs

YouTube: A Poisoned World — pt. 1 — Big Pharma & FDA

Taking aluminum out of the diet

Signs of aluminum poisoning

US Patent: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

YouTube: 1 MILLION pounds of food on 3 acres; 10,000 fish; 500 yards compost

Surviving the Middle Class Crash: How to harvest, process, and store vegetable seeds

Information Clearinghouse: Who Has the Crystal Ball? (a non-partisan smackdown of today’s political charade:)

Consider, for example, the “underwear bomber.” How likely is it that Al Qaeda, allegedly having successfully outwitted all 16 US intelligence agencies, the National Security Council, NORAD, airport security, the Pentagon, and the security agencies of all US allies including Israel and brought down the World Trade towers and successfully attacked the Pentagon itself, would choose as a sequel blowing up a mere airliner with an underwear bomb, a shoe bomb, and a shampoo/toothpaste/underarm deodorant bomb? Having acquired the stature associated with 9/11, blowing up an airliner is a big comedown in prestige. It conveys the image of a washed-up Al Qaeda.

Again, who benefits? The most obvious beneficiary of the underwear bomber is the corporation that manufactures the full body scanners that show people as if they are naked. Obviously, the machines were already produced and awaiting a contract. Without the underwear bomber and the hype and fear the media generated over the new threat, it is unlikely the government could have succeeded with such massive violation of personal privacy.

NatGeo: New satellite pictures show “magnificent” views of Earth

Everyjoe.com: Two ways to boycott consumer culture (don’t forget when we were extricating ourselves from England in the Revolutionary days, people would forgo painting their houses because the paint was British. Refusing new/temporary stuff, reusing old/sturdy stuff, repurposing, and recycling are among the most revolutionary things you can do)

GOOD: Things you didn’t know were made of oil — and how to avoid them (throw out all soaps and lotions made with petrochemicals, because coconut or sweet almond oil, castile soap, vinegar, salts, and baking soda is all you really need)

Grandma’s Superhero Therapy – 18 photos (Please look. GUARANTEED to make you happy)

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