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just adding to the growing collection of LINKS from this oil-spill follower and evacuee:

NPR: Photos from the Gulf – Oily ecosystems near BP’s well

YouTube: Chemical Christmas Time (watch – eyewitness to planes and helicopters swarming the Gulf Dec. 10)

“Free Energy – Destroyed”

BalloonJuice: Captain’s Blog – Gulf of Mexico oil damage / worse than you thought (another first-hand account)

Stuart Smith: CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Trial lawyer and lead investigator on President’s oil spill commission defended oil giant AMOCO in the past

Platts: Chu defends federal estimate of Macondo oil flow rate

YouTube: Fishermen question Gulf seafood safety —

NOLA.com: Armed services are urged to stock kitchens with Gulf seafood (SERIOUSLY? with a side of Agent Orange aioli and a napalm-tini?)

BPOilSlick: Royal red shrimp collected by commercial fishermen in open Gulf waters contaminated with dangerous levels of petroleum hydrocarbons

NRDC: It’s the dose that makes the poison – how the FDA is not protecting many Gulf Coast residents from possible seafood hazards

FOSL: “We keep seeing this foam coming in just about everyday” – “They keep spraying” dispersant says Emergency Operations Center worker

Rocky Kirstner: Angels of Mercy in the oil-damaged Gulf

FOSL: “Giant” 1/8 MILE glob of oil washes up in Orange Beach – “Overwhelming smell” VIDEO

FOSL: Not even a bloodhound’s nose could detect harmful hydrocarbons says toxicologist – NOAA and FDA “NOT using certified lab methods”

Jerry Cope: Happy holidays from BP, the gift that keeps on giving

Under gray overcast skies eight months after the BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, waves of crude oil roll into estuaries, bayous, and onto the deserted beaches as winter sets in along the Gulf Coast. In Orange Beach, Alabama, large slabs of crude continue to come in on a regular basis. In Louisiana and Mississippi, oil mixed with dispersant comes ashore with thousand upon thousands of dead fish. The stench can be overwhelming. The small contingent of cleanup workers still employed by BP attack the most visible surface oil while ignoring the huge pancake layers of crude buried underneath. Many consider the cleanup operations to be nothing more than a continuing public performance while leaving the vast majority of crude behind.

AL.com: More than 100,000 emergency oil spill claims denied in 10 days

WCTV: New study – clean beaches worth $32.8 billion annually in Eastern Gulf

MySA.com: BP spent $93 million on advertising after Gulf spill

Oilspillaction: Strong evidence emerges of BP oil on seafloor

BNet: BP oil spill cause – add coffee and half a cigarette to the list

WashPo: BP official – Effort to shut Gulf well was ‘late’

Bloomberg: BP’s well boss failed to seek guidance on doomed well

BP managers and employees of rig owner Transocean Ltd. should’ve noticed pressure discrepancies during a so-called negative test on the well 40 miles (64 kilometers) off the Louisiana coast, Robinson said. Those readings should’ve alerted workers that explosive gas had seeped into the well and threatened the 126-member rig crew, he said.

“On the negative test, if they thought there was something wrong, they were to call an outside party either on the vessel or on the beach,” Robinson told the eight-member U.S. Coast Guard and Interior Department joint investigation team. “We did not find any evidence a call was made.”

Donald Vidrine, the ranking well-site leader at the time of the blowout that destroyed the rig and triggered the spill, has been on administrative leave from London-based BP since the incident and has declined to testify before the federal panel. His junior counterpart on the rig that night, Robert Kaluza, also has been suspended and has refused to testify.”

WWL.com: Rig worker says she’s too traumatized to testify at Gulf spill hearing (… or maybe she got paid off, or more likely, she doesn’t want to choose between committing perjury and getting “Matt Simmonsed”)

NOLA.com: US unprepared for oil spill illness claims, panel says

Examiner: Gulf criminals freeze to death N. Europeans

ABC Charleston: Turtle hospital making room for cold stunned patients

AZ Central: Story of Ecuador oil disaster exposes sleaze beyond the slicks

FairWarning: Offshore oil-drilling inspectors are in disarray, report finds (this ‘un seems boring, but it’s a fairly important puzzle piece)

YouTube: BP wellhead just one of 400,000 shut off in Gulf

FuelFix: Spill hearings – 8 months later, the data’s still inconclusive

NOLA.com: BP oil disaster was avoidable, commission staff says

Philippe Cousteau: Have we dodged a bullet over Gulf oil spill?

WSJ: Far offshore, a rash of close calls (“In the months before and after the rig exploded and sank, killing 11 and spilling millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the industry was hit with several serious spills and alarming near-misses, some of them strikingly similar to what happened aboard the Deepwater Horizon.”)

HooDooed: BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP

HuffPo: Gulf oil spill kill zone, 80 square miles in size, found near BP well (VIDEO)

Bowermaster’s Adventures: Checking in on the BP spill cleanup

OnEarth: ‘The land is washing back to the sea’

Oilspillaction: Sperm whales cleared out after Gulf oil spill

ThinkProgress: ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009

Naomi Wolf: Espionage Act – How the Government can engage in serious aggression against the people of the United States

Gulag Bound: MSNBC commentators protect their corporate bosses at GE

Washington’s Blog: Targeting small-time crooks – Department of Justice ‘crackdown’ on Wall Street is a PR stunt

Sciencemag: Solid ammonium sulfate aerosols as nuclei: A pathway for cirrus cloud formation

UCAR.edu: Sulfate aerosols – a really cool problem

Daily Mail UK: Artificial life created by Craig Venter – but could it wipe out humanity?

How the Gulf Blue Plague began

So, here we have a scientifically confirmed new oil-eating species of bacterium in the Gulf of Mexico that’s closely related to a bacterium only found in Rod Bay and the Ross Sea, Antarctica, and another one only found in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand … How do you suppose a new related species of this bacterium from deep cold water Antarctic environments mysteriously and suddenly ended up in the Gulf of Mexico? By use of proven synthetic RNA sequence processes, a new synthetic genome microorganism can be created in 24 hours according to J. Craig Venter of Synthetic Genomics, Inc. and the J. Craig Venter Institute.

The oil-eating bacteria they introduced into the Gulf would be able to eat the oil at an accelerated rate if there were more iron, but typical Gulfwater naturally has a very low trace of iron. But according to rainwater tests from Gulf rainclouds, iron and other elements are being added to the Gulf waters. Perhaps now you can understand that the “dispersant” formula being used also contains elemental nutrients, such as iron, copper, manganese, and aluminum, to enhance and feed the SG bacterium placed into the Gulf to eat up the oil.

Mutations of the plankton have already been verified by University of Southern Florida (USF) scientists months ago. Once this important marine food source has RNA mutations, then everything up the entire food chain is affected. That includes humans who consume fish or crustaceans. What are we facing? More than we can comprehend. Once you alter the bottom of the foodchain, you alter everything from that point on. The Gulf Blue Plague is a reality and has been for many months. It’s a worldwide problem.

CCHR: Psychiatrist on payroll of Glaxo pleads guilty to research fraud

ScienceDaily: Marijuana cuts lung cancer tumor growth in half, study shows

ActivistPost: Elderly man evicted from his land for living off the grid


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