Xmas news dump 2010: Give punk a chance

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Strange times. If you’ll notice, while the system goes haywire and Capitol Hill loses its marbles entirely, only people above a certain age and of a certain squareness are wailing and gnashing their teeth at the dashing of the American dream.

Others of us have been indoctrinated by the great musician-orators of our time, from a very young age, and have come to know intrinsically that authority usually lies for its own benefit, and/or lies because it’s all hung up and twisted with unresolved issues surrounding control, greed, and imagined fear of scarcity.

Not that us “alternative types” are going to fare any better when the rest of the mouth-breathing nation figures out it’s all going downhill — what’s that they say? No proof that intelligence, snarkiness, or ominous fashion choices lead to a greater chance of survival? — but nevertheless, we took our red pills a long time ago, with Black Flag as our Morpheus. The blue pill wouldn’t have gone down, anyway. Not after a few plays of “Holiday in Cambodia,” or ever again. We, um, they … punks told you so. They told us so.

Thirty years ago, The Great Rock’N’Roll Swindle was filmed to teach us the basics of showmanship (i.e., also politics, authority, and the world at large). Three decades later, the default world is catching up to punk rock. Finally. So, as you peruse the collection of nauseous news nuggets below, please enjoy the music we used to get punished for listening to, back when parents and churchgoers were freaking out at how discordantly violent everything sounded. Turns out there were life-altering messages contained within.

Christmas 2010: a time capsule in links.

Alliance for Natural Health: Both House and Senate vote yes on Food Safety Bill (<< crazy)

Alternet: Senator Tester slips bill calling for mandatory logging of public lands into omnibus spending bill

Collectively, these ecosystems and connecting wildlands comprise the Northern Rockies Ecosystem. By fragmenting all of these public wildlands, Tester’s bill would spell the end of the Northern Rockies Ecosystem, the ONLY functioning ecosystem with all its native species remaining in the lower 49 states.

26. [Sen. Tester’s bill] Extirpates wildlife species. Because the Tester bill overrides the Endangered Species Act, promotes “logging without laws,” and severely restricts Forest Service scientists from accurately assessing logging’s impacts, the public will never know the full extent to which at-risk secluded, rare, threatened, and endangered species will be adversely impacted. Species such as wolverine, pika, and pure strain cutthroat trout are already teetering on the brink of extinction.

27. [Sen. Tester’s bill] Pretends there is a demand for timber. There is no demand for sawmills’ lumber. Tester’s bill is blatantly undisguised in its privatization of public resources and its forcing public assumption of private timber corporations’ extensive debts and liabilities.

FOSL: PAPER – Current situation with Gulf seafood safety is “intolerable”

Nola.com: Gulf residents, businesses say they’re still suffering from BP oil spill effects

FOSL: “Mats of algae” collecting on beaches throughout the Gulf with “aroma of hydrocarbons and a coppery oily smear to the touch”

WLOX: Vancleave, MS gas explosion injures at least one man

YouTube: NBC News – Toxic chemicals in imported seafood (an aside: Notice the tone and timbre of the newscaster’s narration, and compare it to the gonna-be-alright singsong of Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow. His heightened pitch stresses us out and we’d daresay inspires panic in the nation. This is one reason mainstream media now SUCKS POISONED FISH BALLS)

TIME – Whatever happened to the Gulf oil spill?

NOLA.com: Safety of Gulf seafood debated 8 months after BP oil spill

MSNBC: U.S. finds little BP oil on seafloor; some don’t buy it

AL.com: Government report – Not much subsea oil, but tar mats from oil spill still near beaches

FOSL: BP / Feds did not look for oil in water more than 10 feet deep … due to “restriction”

Stuart Smith: Big hit to Texas oyster industry shows government’s big credibility problem

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog: Seafood effects on children

FOSL: Scientists find “lots of oil and dead animals on the sea floor at a spot very close to where the government said it barely found any oil”

Allvoices.com: Scientists discover evidence of significant damage from BP oil spill

FOSL: “I have nowhere left to turn” – BP refuses claim of “gravely ill” cleanup worker – “Can never recover money for medical bills and other expenses”

Common Dreams: NO SHAME

Stuart Smith: Should US Government ban B.P.?

MSN Money: How much oil it’d take to buy the US

Stuart Smith: Another rosy assessment – Claims czar says ‘not much long-term adverse impact’ from oil spill (stab stab stab)

SF Gate: Gulf oil spill probe may have been compromised (“According to documents obtained by Hearst Newspapers, the Transocean Ltd. employee went so far as to manipulate equipment on the hulking 60-foot-tall, 300-ton device while a firm under contract to the U.S. government ran it through a battery of tests in New Orleans. … Photos of the testing space obtained by Hearst Newspapers show a man identified as McWhorter manipulating a pipe ram on the blowout preventer, working to remove drill pipe from it and touching other equipment on the device over at least a two-week period beginning as early as Nov. 23.”)

FOSL: Areas of 1″ thick black mats cover beach at Dauphin Island, AL (PHOTOS)

Gulf Tides 9: Mistrust & Missed Opportunities – BP drilling disaster – Dec. 20, 2010

Drake Toulouse: BP, Feinberg, and $4 billion dollars – Disenfranchised Citizen

Bloomberg: BP release chemicals at Cherry Point, WA, according to NRC report (“Releases occurred on Dec. 18 and yesterday. They were the result of maintenance activity, according to the reports. … U.S. refineries must notify the center if they release hazardous substances in excess of reportable quantities, according to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, known as Superfund.”)

NWF: New maps show wildlife strandings in Gulf (VIDEO)

YouTube: Now illegal to dig or build ‘sand castles’ on Florida beaches. Louisiana, Mississippi next?

NY Times: After oil spill crisis, a protector keeps watch

YouTube: Japanese company invents water-fueled car –

Alternet: The American empire is collapsing, and Americans will be the last to know

If the Pentagon was a corporation, it would be the largest in the world. The curiously called Department Of Defense has cost the American taxpayers, since the ill advised attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, around $700 billion a year. Of course, if you add up health care for wounded veterans, and layers of new “security” administration such as the Department of Homeland Security, the numbers keep adding up to top $1 trillion a year. Overall more than 25 percent of the federal budget gets swallowed in the financial black hole that is the Pentagon.

If Americans could do the math, they would quickly understand that the bill for the two wars is now creeping up to $10 trillion. In order to achieve the chimeric goals of the neocons of an ever lasting global American empire money had to be borrowed. Currently, for every dollar spent by the federal government 40 cents is borrowed. America used to borrow mainly from Japan and Europe, but now does its main borrowing from China. In a striking reversal of fortune, the “poor man of Asia” has now become the country in the world with the most liquid assets.”

Cato@Liberty: The Incredible Expanding Afghan War

TruthOut: Republicans poised to declare war on welfare state

We hear a lot of talk from Republicans and tea partiers about cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits to workers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. But when it comes to corporate welfare for giant, profitable oil companies, Senate Republicans are unanimously in favor of keeping big oil’s tax breaks alive. – Sen. Bernie Sanders

Wired: Hundreds in Army social science unqualified, former boss says

Al Jazeera English: Rape rampant in US military

BBC News: US Congress approves defence spending legislation

YouTube: World Collapse explained in 3 minutes

Commondreams.org: Net neutrality advocates decry FCC ‘false’ solution and ‘squandered opportunity’

Wired.com: FCC Net neutrality rules slammed from all sides

Money.cnn: Gimme YouTube! What FCC Net neutrality rules mean for you

Scientific American: Hallucinogens as medicine (“A new wave of studies on hallucinogens, primarily psilocybin, has begun to address whether the drugs can effectively treat the anxiety of cancer patients or help addicts kick their habits.”)

Guardian UK: Dreamers of a New day – women who invented the twentieth century

Hugo Schwyzer: Homosociality and Homophobia: Why the distorted rules of “manhood” are the real problem

Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington: 10 best street art moments of the decade


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