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Well it’s 2011, and instead of hacking out some grandiose statement about how 2010 was the year the spillionaires fucked the Earth, and how, currently, animals keep falling from the sky and turning up dead in droves all over the world like something out of the Bible, here’s a message from Louisiana oil spill superhero Miss Kindra Arnesen and that’s it.

She’s saying what everyone in the Gulf Coast is thinking (or anyone who’s not in desperate denial, anyway). So that’s the post, with a crap-ton of links about dead fish, birds, and decorated military officials. As long as we have to read em, we might as well be collectin’ em here.

Kindra Arnesen reports on the Gulf tragedy at “The Big Fix” movie premiere
[note: the original link is gone so we put another doozy in there, from 2012, at the press conference for The Big Fix, a blistering documentary about the BP oil spill.]

We have sincere faith and hope that 2011 will be the year we as a species ‘get it’ on a larger scale than ever before. Clamoring toward self-sufficiency is the new black, and it looks good on us. As long as the money stress doesn’t eat away at what’s left of our American-addled brains, the thought of greeting the Long Apocalypse with open arms can be pretty exciting, n’est-ce pas?

Enjoy also the breathtaking beauty of Kris Kuksi’s art, posted without permission here. Hopefully he won’t mind. See for yourself — he’s one of the reasons we’ve got to keep this humanity thing going.

LINKS in three sections: The Gulf, the Dead Animal-Pocalypse of 2011, and Worldwide Mayhem.


The Gulf (…War II: Corexit Boogaloo)

BP Disaster – New report confirms poisoned Gulf seafood

“When you have upper respiratory issues, sinus, all the way, bronchial, down into the lungs, that is not viral, not bacterial, but being caused by toxicity, poison, you can’t prescribe an antibiotic for that except as a backup to hope and prevent secondary bacterial infections… You can’t go to a pharmacy to cure that easily… Cancer is going to surge.”

YouTube: Gulf storm uncovers BP’s buried bags, full of dead animals, all along the shore

DailyComet: Shrimper takes a stand and prevails

Reuters: Transocean tries to stop another Horizon probe

Today Show: For Bayou tribe, new year brings only uncertainty

Fox10: Mayor – BP to pump sand onto beaches (“there are tar mats in the surf zone. Those tar mats will break up and come on shore as tarballs, now they will be under five to six feet of sand with a new beach so we won’t have that problem,” Kennon explained.” … so if you can’t see it, it’s not a problem?)

Examiner: Conflict of interest in blowout preventer testing?

Bloomberg: US chemical board says conflicts tarnish BP probe

HuffPo: Gulf deepwater drilling resumes without changes to spill liability

America’s Gulf – New report says it’s dying

“Once oil penetrates shallow fault areas, an uncontrollable situation exists, information again suppressed because revelation might threaten the future of oil and gas exploration. Coverup protects it, no matter the extreme geological and human hazards.” …

“The deeper the geological source of hydrocarbons, the more radioactive isotopes” enter oil and gas. Big Oil keeps it secret. “So secret in fact that, if this were to get out, this single scientific fact would seal the fate of the entire industry.”

AL.com: Federal suit challenging Gulf drilling making its way through Mobile court

Global Whisperer: Spills in Nigeria dwarf Gulf oil spill almost every year

Whittier Daily News: Watching ‘spillcam’ revealed a lot about BP’s oil spill, and ourselves

Forbes: Big Oil escapes a big tax hike, but the show’s not over yet

Courthouse News Service: Stephen Baldwin says Kevin Costner soaked him in $52mil deal with BP

Washington’s Blog: The oil BP tried to hide has been discovered, in thick layers on the sea floor over an area of several thousand square miles

LogicMonster: Did BP break the North Atlantic Loop Current (and are we entering an ice age?)

WU@STL: Cornstarch might have ended the Gulf spill agony sooner

YouTube: Louisiana Eminent Domain corruption

Reality Zone: The BP / Synthetic Genomics Project: The Gulf Blue Plague

National Geographic Magazine: Seafood Crisis

BBC News: City street to open sea – fish farming’s new frontiers

The Great Aflockalypse of the New Year, 2011

Common Dreams: Crabs, Birds, Fish: No end to mysterious animal deaths

Biblical flooding, tornadoes and 13 feet of snow as mammoth storm batters California

TodaysTHV.com: Update – Thousands of birds fall from sky in Beebe, AR

HuffPo: More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas

ABC24: Dead fish cover 20-mile section of Arkansas River (the day before the birds fell from the sky)

CNN.com: Central Arkansas growing weary of relentless tremors

YouTube, Jan. 4, 2011: Top US official murdered after Arkansas weapons test causes mass death (WATCH THIS and remember the name John P. Wheeler III, may he rest in peace)

Guardian UK: John Wheeler, US military expert, found dead in US landfill (it has to do with the birds, maybe)

HuffPo: Dead birds fall from sky AGAIN in Louisiana, 300 miles from Arkansas incident days earlier

MSNBC: Downtown Austin, TX shut down after bird deaths (same time frame — and LOOK! it involves our old buddies at Nalco, makers of Corexit)

WNCT.com North Carolina: NO evidence pelican deaths are malicious – Majestic birds, with horrific injuries, though what’s causing them to die is now up for debate

Toronto Sun: Hundreds of dead fish ‘a natural occurence’ (over the same time period, in Canada)

Parana Online: Mortandade misteriosa de peixes no litoral (i.e., fish kill in Brazil, same time period, and the comment says there was another fish kill in Santa Catarina too)

Baltimore Sun: State investigating ‘very large’ Chesapeake fish kill

WSMV Nashville: Flock of birds found dead in Wilson County

AZCentral: Nearly 70 dead bats found in Tucson

The Star UK: 40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries

NY Daily News: Bizarre blackbird, fish deaths spread: 500 birds dead in Louisiana; 100 tons of fish die in Brazil

Worldwide Freakout

Alternet: 15 dirty Big Pharma tricks that rip you off and risk your health for profit

BiologicalDiversity: New Obama offshore oil plan sacrifices polar bear habitat

BBC News: Ancient humans, dubbed ‘Denisovans,’ interbred with us

Slippery Justice Scalia says women’s rights are not guaranteed by the Constitution

Mini-doc: The Madness of a Lost Society – Final Warnings – Hyperinflation

NY Times Op-Ed: To Beat Back Poverty, Pay the Poor

ANH-USA.org: The ‘food safety’ saga – what did we gain, what did we lose, and where do we go from here? (a blow-by-blow)

Wanttoknow.info: Secrets of CIA Mind Control (tinfoil hat party)

Zerohedge.com: Water, Meet Blood – JP Morgan admits to, reduces massive silver short position, proves millions of conspiracy theorists correct

YouTube: Global Strike 2011

Shareable: The Next Net

“Just as the fledgling peer-to-peer economy of the Late Middle Ages was quashed by a repressive monarchy that still had the power to print money and write laws, the fledgling Internet of the 21st century is being quashed by a similarly corporatist government that has its hands on the switches through which we mean to transact and communicate. It will never truly level the playing fields of commerce, politics, and culture. And if it looks like that does stand a chance of happening, the Internet will be adjusted to prevent it.”

Independent UK: The little red book that swept France

Telegraph UK: Australia floods – It’s like living in the middle of an ocean

WashPo: The Future of Warfare (hint: weather-changing machines and chemical lasers from space)

YouTube: HAARP CBC Broadcast – Weather Control part 1 (1996)

BBC News – Iran ‘shoots down Western spy drones’ in Persian Gulf

YouTube: Naomi Wolf – ‘Obama can lock any US citizen up without trial’ (11-min. interview)

Daily Kos: The Coming War on Women

all in it together.


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