how to deal with Corexit & chemical poisoning, & prevent staph / MRSA

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A friend asked some food-science questions about how to medicinally prepare their meatsack for a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2011. They’d been creeped out, and rightfully so, after reading about the Corexit coming from the planes.

Yes, still, 8 or 9 months later, the planes fly and dump chemicals at night, to sink the oil that keeps bubbling up from the deep after they sank it instead of sucking it up into tankers, because photographs of the entire Gulf Coast waters covered in crude oil would’ve been bad for (BP) business.

The Corexit being sprayed by your government, no doubt using your tax dollars, all over millions of American people, is one thing. Now, there’s also some chemical or sensation causing “Aflockalyptic” pockets of death all over the whole wide world, with birds falling out of the sky en masse, bodies ripped apart internally, and giant fish kills all over the globe. And nobody’s copping to it. Weird.

Anyway, Corexit — that anti-personnel weapon related literally to Agent Orange — is currently getting sucked up into the atmosphere, collecting in clouds, and raining down on unsuspecting participants in life on Earth. Maybe it’s pooling in spots in the ocean, too — ever watched two liquids of different densities play with each other in currents? Like attracts like, especially with petroleum products.

Or maybe all these birds and fish are dying because they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time — because the Gulf of Mexico loop current is dead from the oil mucking up the bottom of the whirlpool heater which used to keep Europe from freezing to death. Before we broke it.

Hey, boys, ya missed a spot! Maybe ya could send dat submarine down wit’ a buncha paint thinner‘n break up dat earl sum mo’.

or maybe the birds ran into some ‘military testing’ like all those sea creatures whose underwater heads we explode now on the regular

Anyway. What were we saying? Oh. Protection from staph. New Orleans is a tropical city. Staph lives there. Saturnalia-town, muggy-town, mold-town, where beauty and decay coexist in a royal parade of extremes. You’ve got to be on your toes.

See, because here’s the thing. We personally can’t live there right now, since we evacuated with chemical poisoning back in July — but that doesn’t mean you going to Mardi Gras is not a fantastic idea which would economically help the region and show them some much-needed love and support. Not everyone has TILT like we s’pose we do (though no doctor needs to confirm it, because they’ll just charge money to write a prescription to pay for unnecessary pills, because we already know we have TILT/MCS and we’re not going to pour pharmaceutical paint thinner on it).

Normal people who haven’t accidentally inhaled far too much engine exhaust and diesel exhaust and propane exhaust, and the one time accidentally swallowing lamp oil while learning to breathe fire — and no, we’ve never huffed spray paint or whatever they do on Gummo, we just happen to have lots of friends who make art that breathes fire — they should fly to NOLA immediately and start dancing.

People who haven’t overdone that stuff and then choked on Corexit clouds a half dozen times in the front lines of Grand Isle during BP’s military invasion using our Coast Guard and Navy personnel and equipment … they can go to Mardi Gras and be more than fine.

Judging from the January 2011 Aflockalypse, you could be anywhere on Earth, flyin’ or swimmin’ free as you please, when you get struck down by some killer strain of America’s Monsanto-poison or radar-boom or ‘nother. So go to Mardi Gras, and have fun, and pray the methane-tsunami comes after the big California earthquake or East Coast giant-lizard deathmarch or worldwide fake alien attack.

But here’s what you do. Well, here’s what we do, most days, in general, as a matter of course, no matter where we are, and what we’d recommend as a half-assed health regime for the dirtbags and art fags who share everything, especially drinks, and messy houses, and toxic fire-barrel parties, and hang out in giant puppy piles to joust and wrestle and explore and bleed a lot and cut ourselves on jagged rusty metal objects. Who are part of the larger human family, who in America at this point it seems are ALL being poisoned by the complete and utter psychopaths in charge.

The thing about chemical poisoning is, sometimes it acts like the flu. But if you’re feeling all F’d from sinus to deep lungs all at the same time, it may be chemical. You know how ‘normal’ colds usually travel from one area (head, chest) to settle into the other? Chemical ‘colds’ don’t do that. Or didn’t do that to us, anyway, and it’s a common theory. If you listen to your intuition hard enough, you’ll know whether it’s chemical or not.

Corexit poisoning also mimics staph, since it’s busy rupturing the fat layer which holds every individual cell together in your body. Open sores on the skin, the body’s largest organ, are a clear sign of the beginnings of systemic breakdown.

pirated photo of an oil spill cleanup volunteer somewhere more responsible than America

But Corexit poisoning is different for everyone — some experience bruising, some open MRSA-looking sores on their skin, some herpes-looking sores all in their mouths and throats, some death-rattle coughs and filmy rasp voices, some brown spots on the skin, some brown wax oozing out their ears, bleeding from the ass and private parts … the list goes on and on. Why were we talking about this again? It’s not polite conversation for company. ::smooths apron::

Oh yes: Staph. Corexit-poisoning victims all up and down the coast are being mis-diagnosed as having staph, and they’re being prescribed high-level antibiotics which are best left out of the meatsack as much as possible. Round after round after round … what a waste of money and life. Anyway, let’s talk about real staph for a second, which is also rampant in the Dirty South (and your hospital).

On one of our visits to New Orleans (totally by coincidence), we had borrowed and were reading Tiffany’s cheerful book titled THE COMING PLAGUE. In that book, we learned that people of German and Scandinavian descent naturally possess something like a 70-percent higher susceptibility to staph infections than any other race. “The Honky Virus,” we like to call it (and yes we know it’s a bacteria).

Some but not all Ladies of the Apocalypse have already thought of this distinct probability: More and more people are using evil hand sanitizer and being freakishly “clean” on a planet made up of dirt, which contains minerals which help humans absorb vitamins.

We’ve otherwise been challenging already deadly critters to beef up and get stronger and more meds-resistant. Meanwhile we’re drinking everyone else’s antibiotics, anti-depressants, hormones, Viagra, and whatever else humans pee out and return to the water table for us all to enjoy.

Is the graph chart picture thing forming in your head yet? Long potential future-story short: SHTF, hospital, boom. Whitey is dead of something unexpected: GODZILLA STAPH PIG MRSA BRAIN-CANDY EBOLA WITH A HARD-ON. OF DEATH.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of please God don’t let us get Godzillastaph in the hospital when we’re only there because we crashed the swing bike. Thus: Turmeric.

turmeric: ginger’s loud-ass-colored cousin. food this bright MUST be healthy

So in India, they don’t get the — well, let’s call them the “Little Bitch Sniffles,” where you get all snuffly and your ego arises to demand you be treated as if the world were ending. In India, they do surprisingly well, for living on top of each other in sometimes unsanitary conditions. Clinical herbalists agree one reason for this is their turmeric consumption.

Turmeric fights staph, and makes your meatsack a place where bacteria and germs can’t live, and in general is one of those things a body might oughta regularly ingest, because it battles and prevents so much of the yucks. You can read more about it here and here and here and here and here.

Even if we’re wrong, last time we checked, turmeric can’t kill you. Unless you were smothered to death with it. Bright side: Your corpse probably wouldn’t have any acne on its smoothly even-toned face.

Just a capsule’s worth a day. Cheapskates forgo the schmancy turmeric “supplements” in favor of sprinkling the spice-rack kind in a shotglass with a teaspoon of raw Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, a dash of maple syrup, and water.

If you’re not used to it, it tastes like crap. But so does whiskey.

And if you do have staph sores (or boils!), they say to put turmeric right on the wound and Band-Aid it down. It works, if you lay off the alcohol and cigarettes and Doritos for a minute and treat yourself to some hippie food. But if you don’t have staph, start taking turmeric now anyway. You probably won’t get staph.

(What’s got 2 thumbs and feels homesick for a place they only got to live for a year and a half, probably since it’s less than a month ’til Mardi Gras and everyone’s talking about getting ready for it? This gal.)

If you want to sidestep chemical poisoning, however, that’s another matter entirely. With the planes up there not being driven by anyone who serves a rational master, you’re just going to have to absorb it through your skin and then clean as you go. The ingredients in Heavy Metal Blood Soup carry some hardcore medicinal weight, and you know how we feel about Borax.

Just 1/16th of a teaspoon of Borax in a liter of water, 4 to 5 times a week, and you’ve got a non-toxic cure-all diatomaceous-earth marvel which gets out harmful fluoride, alkalizes the meatsack, and kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, and creepy-crawlies… Borax is the one that really freaks out our best friend Silent But Violent. Maybe because Borax comes in the laundry aisle. But hey, baking soda comes in the baking aisle and we know to take baths with it. Which reminds us: Baking soda baths alkalize your system and draw out poison chemicals. Throw some apple cider vinegar in the bath too.

You don’t have to get all Howard Hughes about it, but when you think of it, take your natural meds. Turmeric, raw apple cider vinegar, Heavy Metal Blood Soup, greenfoods, and baking soda baths. And if you do get the Little Bitch Sniffles anyway, eat a garlic clove with each meal for a while — that’s garlic only on a FULL stomach or suffer the consequences (to this we can personally attest; the first time your system encounters raw garlic is the most intense).

If you don’t get better in a few days, your illness may be chemically-caused, so double up on the Heavy Metal Blood Soup and baking-soda bathing and vitamin C, maybe take some chlorella-spirulina if your doctor thinks you should, and think cleansing thoughts of swamp fairydust and white lightning.

And Holly, our Cajun shaman and natural foods store owner in Baton Rouge, LA, adds:

– red clover to cleanse the blood.
– turmeric also blocks MSG, aspartame, etc. (one capsule blocks for approx. a week) from doing so much damage to the brain. Dr. Blaylock has written about the beauty of turmeric.
activated charcoal in capsule form inside the body absorbs bacteria, and topically (mixed with honey) it draws the nasty stuff out of the wound(s). It is very preventative and can be taken daily. Perfect for food poisoning etc.”

There ya go, hobo. Stay away from staph, or if the infection done got ya, keep it from comin’ back. See if you can’t stay afloat while errrbody around you is going down. Or, put another way, there’s nothing to worry about, if you set yourself up right, by eating some terrible-tasting-at-first, good-for-you-stuff every day.

And if you’re not from the Gulf Coast and you’re thinking about going to Mardi Gras this year, GO. It’ll be more spirited than ever, because Southerners in general and New Orleanians in particular are the masters of the Universe when it comes to partying through the pain, seeing the beauty in chaos, and remembering, at all times, that life is a gift.

Dance, when you’re broken open
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off
Dance in the middle of the fighting
Dance in your blood
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.

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Wikipedia: Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty

Prof. Chakrabarty genetically engineered a new species of Pseudomonas bacteria (“the oil-eating bacteria”) in 1971 while working for the Research & Development Center at General Electric Company in Schenectady, New York.

At the time, four known species of oil-metabolizing bacteria were known to exist, but when introduced into an oil spill, competed with each other, limiting the amount of crude oil that they degraded. The genes necessary to degrade oil were carried on plasmids, which could be transferred among species. By irradiating the transformed organism with UV light after plasmid transfer, Prof. Chakrabarty discovered a method for genetic cross-linking that fixed all four plasmid genes in place and produced a new, stable, bacteria species (now called pseudomonas putida) capable of consuming oil one or two orders of magnitude faster than the previous four strains of oil-eating microbes. The new microbe, which Chakrabarty called “multi-plasmid hydrocarbon-degrading Pseudomonas,” could digest about two-thirds of the hydrocarbons that would be found in a typical oil spill.

The bacteria drew international attention when he applied for a patent—the first-ever patent for living organism. He was initially denied the patent by the Patent Office because it was thought that the patent code precluded patents on living organisms. The United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals overturned the decision in Chakrabarty’s favor, writing,

“…the fact that micro-organisms are alive is without legal significance for purposes of patent law.”

Sidney A. Diamond, Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, then appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court case was argued on 17 March 1980 and decided on 16 June 1980. This patent was granted by the U.S. Supreme Court (Diamond v. Chakrabarty), in a 5-4 decision, when it determined that

“A live, human-made micro-organism is patentable subject matter under [Title 35 U.S.C.] 101. Respondent’s micro-organism constitutes a “manufacture” or “composition of matter” within that statute. ”

Prof. Chakrabarty’s landmark research has since paved the way for many patents on genetically modified micro-organisms and other life forms, and catapulted him into the international spotlight.

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