Help Paul Doom treat his Gulf oilspill-related mystery illness

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YouTube: 22-year-old BP oil spill victim speaks out at NO Health Forum, leaves by ambulance after seizures

Perhaps you’ll turn off the end of the Youtube clip above like we did, but the rest is worth watching. And let’s give big ups to Catfish Miller too, who speaks after Paul, who is also in the hospital for the third time.

Paul Doom had no pre-existing health problems before swimming often in the Gulf last summer. Paul’s symptoms now include internal bleeding, white lesions on his brain, confinement to a wheelchair, no feeling in his left leg, uncontrollable daily seizures, constant headaches, vertigo, memory loss, and loss of independence and mobility.

He’s in a wheelchair. He’s been to dozens of doctors and hospitals, and undergone tests upon tests, but all roads lead to doctors hedging firm diagnosis in order to avoid BP’s wrath.

Paul’s parents moved from Indiana and purchased their dream home 70 feet from the beach on the Florida panhandle. They warned him not to go into the water after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. But Paul Doom trusted his government to tell the truth about the Gulf waters and seafood being safe. He had been training to be a Marine, which is why he spent hours each day swimming in the Gulf. He wanted to grow strong and serve his country.

This guy Paul Doom is the new face of Corexit poisoning, unfortunately. But fortunately, he’s got a plan. You know they’re still spraying Corexit, right? … well, actually THIS LINK is where you can ask the rich, poor, concerned, and connected people you know to give money toward a rush-job turnaround victory story, because Paul Doom woke up from his induced coma and decided to undergo Gerson therapy — instead of chemotherapy, which they wanted to give him, for chemical poisoning, f-ing jerks — and at the same time he’ll get certified to teach others like him, via Skype, all along the Gulf Coast and throughout the oil-poisoned world.

Just two days ago all hope was lost, but this is Paul’s epiphany: whether you believe in Gerson therapy or not, everybody can get behind a once-afflicted, soon-to-be teacher trying to spread a message of healing with Earth-based “plantidotes,” not big-pharma joke-pills.

Especially when your doctors won’t even recognize your symptoms as chemical poisoning, and they diagnose you with the flu / strep / staph or whatever, and pump you full of antibiotics, according to their own cognitive dissonance. This is happening all over the Gulf. And miscarriages, and baby dolphin genocide, and and and. You know the drill.

Paul has seen his path, and he’s going for it. But Paul’s still not well, so he’s got to go NOW, so please let this happen ASAP.

please, Daddy Warbucks, let this activist find a way to act

Here’s the link again, to the 501(c)3 i.e. tax-deductible donation station at Burners Without Borders. Choose the last category – “Paul $” – and please spread this as far and wide as your previous feeling of helplessness about the Gulf Coast situation dictates.

Like we said, Paul Doom trusted his government to tell the truth about the Gulf waters and seafood being safe. He woke up the hard way, but he’s young and hard-headed and now he’ll use this learning experience to resonate worldwide. He says he always knew he was going to be a leader. He wanted to be a Marine, after all.

So why are a bunch of art freaks from a festival in the desert involved? Well, Paul needed a 501(c)3 umbrella for people to donate to, so they could take it off their taxes, and Burners Without Borders has one. Our personal friend Tom made an excellent 30-minute documentary about Burners Without Borders called “Burn on the Bayou.” Watch it:

If you do more research on Burners Without Borders, you’ll find that they were the first organization on the ground after Katrina in Pearlington, Mississippi, and cleaned up the whole town.

Daesan-Daewoo liked their style so much they donated $2mil worth of heavy equipment because BWB does what it says it’s going to do. While the Red Cross throws glitzy fundraisers, Burners Without Borders gets its hands dirty.

We can see how the connection to a charity arm of a festival in the desert could raise eyebrows, but it’s a 501(c)3 plain and simple, and Paul is now going to be representing Burners Without Borders (if we get the money) in any capacity he chooses with this teaching-others-about-chemical-poisoning goal.

He says he hovered over his body at least 30 times while they were trying to rescuscitate him in the ICU the other day. His body kept going out but his spirit knows he needs to stay here, he says. He’s got a mission and only lacks the funds.

His mom and younger brother got their blood tested and they’re at extraordinarily high levels as well. Reminder: They live in Florida, downwind from the Corexit being sprayed from planes over land and sea, and from disguised trawlers in the water too, to sink and cover up the oil in the Gulf.

Paul can’t go to the Gerson Clinic without them because he’s a 6’5″ future soldier, and when he seizes it’s dangerous, unless his family members are there to hold him down.

The only option Paul Doom has left is to turn to the natural world and to alternative healing practices, because modern pharma doesn’t know what to do. Either they go to the Gerson Clinic (or something comparable) or they endure more poisoning in Florida, back in the toxic soup. So please, join the telethon and do something that makes us all feel like we made a difference.

Here is the clinic’s price page and the details of the therapy. Paul is in touch with the offices there and asking about financial aid and scholarships — in between seizures, writing his Senators, and fielding phone calls from journalists, ambulance-chasers, and radio DJs — but his organs are becoming extremely fatigued, so we’re casting a wide net here.

Any other questions, any comparable (and cheaper) avenues worth exploring, any healers with medical support standing by, or any rich friends whose own lives were saved from Gerson Therapy who might want to throw in their 501(c)3 tax-deductible donations and see what happens, let us know.
Gerson Therapy Handbook - Paul Doom

Update: Thanks to Burners Without Borders, Paul Doom received a couple thousand bucks — just enough contributions to move himself and his new fiance further inland into Florida and out of the direct-hit beach section where Corexit is still wafting in. But that’s it.


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