BP oil spill 1yr anniversary: My Heart Will Go On

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We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion tomorrow. Thanks to all friends and readers near and far, who have peered with us behind the oily curtain in the past year, and helped us not go bananas during the Long Evacuation …

especially Tracy Feldstein, who found this link which sums it all up and makes us cry. We are honored to share the Long Apocalypse with yall. Bless.

Stay tuned — radio show on Friday, supposedly, and we’re workin’ on a couple more substantial and link-filled entries for this week’s Hitler’s birthday / Earth Day / Deepwater madness. From the barn we sleep in now. In between finishing this sweet hand-sewn gypsy tent and processing turkey-feathers and roadkill … gotta go, we hear Captain Hook a-callin’ …


Kistner: Number of dead dolphins and whales in the Gulf may be 50 times higher

USA Today: Scientists grapple with BP oil spill’s cost to bird life

Bridge The Gulf: Why I quit selling Gulf seafood

NOLA.com: Source of 30-mile oil spill in Gulf puzzles officials (just feedin’ the algae — ed.)

GreenMedInfo: Dispersant increases the bioaccumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons into golden-brown algae

YouTube: BP carpet-bombed the Gulf with Corexit, poisoning marine life, workers, and the public

Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

JereBeasleyReport: Oil dispersant lingered in Gulf long after well was capped

YouTube: Synthia – Gulf Blue Plague – BP Hell – Verified Data (this is one of those things that sounds crazy now, but it’s most likely true)

YouTube: Stop Deep Sea Oil (By Greenpeace New Zealand)

NOLA.com: Evaporating oil from BP spill likely posed a health threat, study says

Why Domestic Drilling Won’t Lower Your Gas Prices

Sodium Bicarbonate Dosages and Treatments – IMVA — Reducing Radiation Damages with Bicarbonate (that’s baking soda)

MyBestRemedies.com: Ailments and Solutions — Chemical Poisoning

Green Living Tips: 30 Baking Soda tips

HuffPo: The Moneyless Man — How did Mark Boyle spend a year without spending a dollar?

YouTube: New Katt Williams – “Drugs in America”

YouTube: The War On Drugs — What a Joke! (Must-See Video)

No Cure For That.org: No Business Like War Business — Who Stands to Profit from Intervention in Libya?

The Street.com: BP dealt setback in Russian deal

Natural News: America’s breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable

Mother Earth News: Herbal Skin Care Basics — Tools, ingredients, recipes

Herald Tribune: High bacteria counts at Venice Beach confound health officials

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthia – Mycoplasma laboratorium

LA Environmental Action Network: Interview with Clayton Matherne (“It is greatly distressing that we now find ourselves in a situation we hoped would not happen. There seems to be an alarming number of individuals along the Gulf Coast experiencing severe health problems as a result of events related to the oil disaster of 2010. What is even more distressing is that these individuals are finding little support and even less relief from there struggles. There is a great need for effectively identifying these illnesses and adequately treating them.”)

AL.com: BP says oil spill cleanup operations in Alabama are complete

KTSM Channel 9: More dead sealife continues to plague U.S. beaches

NASDAQ: US Coast Guard — Offshore oil, gas pipeline ruptured in Louisiana (April 1, 2011 — not a joke … again: feeding the algae?)

Business Insider, May 2010: Here’s What You Need To Know About the $2.2 Trillion Gulf Economy Being Threatened By The Leak

NOLA.com: Process of combining allegations against BP in the wake of last year’s oil spill begins with court filings

WSJ.com: Transocean cites safety in bonuses (“Transocean Ltd. had its “best year in safety performance” despite the explosion of its Deepwater Horizon rig that left 11 dead and oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, the world’s largest offshore-rig company said in a securities filing Friday. Accordingly, Transocean’s executives received two-thirds of their target safety bonus.”)

225BatonRouge.com: “Not Yet”

“Nearly a year ago, we were driving home from a Florida vacation when my husband and I explained the Macondo well gushing in the Gulf to our three-year-old. Feeling helpless, fearing for the ecosystem and not knowing exactly what to say to our precocious daughter, we told her the simple truth. … “Some people made a mistake, and oil is escaping into the Gulf. Mommy is very sad. Mommy and her students have to do lot of work to study the effects of oil on the marsh. … I don’t burden her with the species loss I’ve measured: bees, flies, spiders and seed bugs. Nor do I wonder aloud if and when these creatures and all that depend on them for food will return.”

USA Today: BP gets OK to dump mercury into Lake Michigan (2007 article and they sure did pollute the world’s largest “fresh”water system of lakes)

YouTube: BP admits using synthetic microbes in Gulf

The American Dream: A list of 28 things that will make you think that there is something seriously wrong with this country

YouTube: Banned US commercial about the national debt

Earth-policy.org: Plan B 4.0 — Mobilizing to Save Civilization – Summary Presentation (actual answers on what we can do)

… and remember, nature bats last. act accordingly


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