Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel against petroleum

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One of our favorite things about the Internet is that — although it’s made our job as an arts writer obsolete — everyone’s a filmmaker, journalist, and book reporter now.

Check out these videos below, crafted with tinny soundtrack and a delightfully nerdy narrrative, saying everything we try to chat up people at parties about any time anyone mentions the word ‘hemp.’

Believe it or not, cannabis is a plant. Just a plant, that’s all. A plant that provides fuel, food, fiber, feed, paper, clothing, canvas, and cancer-fighting, staph-killing medicine.

Wonder why it’s federally illegal? Because it’s the single biggest threat to the timber, paper, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Ag industries. Cannabis used to be in 90 percent of medicine.

You don’t even have to get high to fight cancer with cannabis. Just ask Canadian refugee Rick Simpson, if they haven’t thrown him in Guantanamo yet … for curing people’s ills. Cheaply and naturally. With a plant.

But anyway, automobiles. Engines. Powering the Earth. ‘Twas supposed to have been done with farmer stuffs, not spillionaire stuffs. This homemade 2-part video shows that we were supposed to be self-sufficient via plants, not addicted to oil.

But we know how gangsterly the Gangster Party is. Henry Ford’s hemp-biodiesel-car laboratory mysteriously burned down. Fancy that… Rumor has it also that Henry Ford was “asked” by Cornelius Vanderbilt to take Ford’s HIGH mileage carburetor off the market, as Vanderbilt wouldn’t sell as much oil with Ford’s well-designed, efficiently-performing, low-emissions miracle of engineering.

Patentable, genetically-modified cannabis courtesy of Monsanto will not be the answer, either. Refuse it at every turn, during the inevitable legalization process, or the farmers will still be Monsanto slaves. But you know that already, and the rest of our whole traditional rant about the subject is included in these 2 videos, so we’ll shut up.

Take it away, engine nerd Youtube guy!

Henry Ford & Rudolf Diesel against Petroleum, Part 1:

Part 2 (names names of corrupt spillionaire gangster party d*cks):

And apparently there’s a new hemp-fueled R&D car coming out of Canada called the Kestrel? Want.

If you’ve got any friends or loved ones who are still scared of cannabis like it’s heroin or anthrax, it’s time to rip the veil forcefully away from their eyes, because we really need it now. This one clean, big-oil-producing, pesticide-free superweed might not save the planet, but it’s the only thing that can. It should be legalized immediately, with no restrictions. It’s a freaking plant. It’s THE plant. It belongs here.

Read the Industrial Hemp Farming Act statement and then get familiar with the bill and then call your Congressional representatives. Play the game, and if they continue to tell us no, get more into it.

Remember: Hemp is arguably the world’s most useful plant. It could literally help save the world. And you will get thrown in Federal prison in America for growing it, because spillionaires can’t make money if it’s legal.



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