Thunderbolts & Team Tesla: the universe is electric

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Gravity is so five minutes ago.

We’ve watched this video twice already, like it was Duran Duran and we’re nine years old again. We also felt compelled to watch a day’s worth of Tesla films afterward. Nikola, not the hair-metal band, nor the Elon Musk supercompany. The one with the lightning in his hands.

It seems from this Thunderbolts: Electric Universe movie that Nikola Tesla’s ‘free energy’ is the same stuff as T. Henry Moray‘s “Sea of Energy,” zero-point energy, and maybe even that magical life-force which the Kung Fu cats call chi.

So while all this energy sits waiting around us, on Earth AND all over outer space, we drill into Mother Earth and make her puke her own guts up, using our cars and engines to spread shit-potpourri all over our Mama.

These Spillionaire queens need to stop sitting on all those patents yall stole when some top-ranking Nazis posing as CIA murdered Nikola Tesla (true story? … deathbed confession) and just let us have at it.

If free energy exists, then the people of the Earth need to stop blowing sh*t potpourri and start sucking clean chi. Manifest this happening as part of the Shift Shuffle. ::cue thunderbolts::

This is a potential discovery on par with the Earth being proclaimed round, not flat. Really. The sun is basically a giant plasma ball from Spencer’s Gifts. Yes it is. And it totally makes sense. Go visit to be friends with these guys.

“Thunderbolt the Tutorial is about the electrical model of the universe.
In the universe plasma makes up 99.99% of everything we can see.

Our current model has big flaws that has forced scientists to dream up things that don’t exist in order to explain things that we see out there in space.

Yet the electrical model can explain most of these things. So why don’t we hear about this model?

Because conventional cosmologists think these people are kooks.

Butbutbut. If the universe has electrical currents flowing thru it, and it does, then it’s just a matter of time before we would learn how to harness that energy. You would have to buy a device that would output the power, but after that it would be free.

Imagine being able to drive anywhere you wanted to without having to stop and fill up your tank every 200 or 300 miles. Imagine your home when it’s 110 degrees outside, but inside a nice 75 degrees with no electric bill to eat up all your hard-earned money.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” —Tesla



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