Look at this nutritional analysis of GMO vs. non-GMO corn

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So then, you could technically look overweight and nutritionally starve to death. Imagine how much healthier and less stupid Americans would be if we knew we were mineral-starved cretins eating a “product” of high-falutin’ science, appearing as food, which animals won’t touch.

You know, like if Monsanto were forced to label GMO foods so we could see if and when we were poisoning ourselves. And it’s no wonder pigs don’t eat GMO corn if given the choice. They can smell the 200ppm of formaldehyde …

Nutritional Analysis of genetically-modified corn vs. non-GMO natural corn
SOURCE: ProfitProAg.com

Read more about the Monsanto Protection Act which just passed through the whores of Congress, and probably will remain unmentioned and uncontested by mainstream presstitutes and hairsprayed talking heads. Short version: America is Monsanto’s bitch.

not to mention the countless Monsanto employees who pepper the highest offices of government

not to mention the countless Monsanto employees who pepper the highest offices of government

NOTE: Genetic modification is not the same thing at all as selective breeding, which is when humans cross-breed plants throughout the span of agricultural history to effect a desirable outcome.

Genetic modification is when a monolithic world-destroying corporation pays top dollar to have scientists insert non-corn genes into corn, like Dr. Frankenstein would stitch together a zombie made of different animal and plant parts and then sculpt it to where it looked vaguely corn-like.

Systemic pesticides, used hand-in-hand with GMO crops, are another scary Frankenfood health problem altogether.

It makes sense to pay a dollar or two more for the real food from now on. A girl can’t not have nachos. Those non-GMO corn chips are delicious but hard to find, since around 90 percent of American corn — as well as canola, the oil which food providers fry corn chips and everything else in — is genetically-modified.

Also don’t forget to remember, considering any meat and dairy not labeled “organic” or “No GMO”, that those animals have most certainly been fed a steady diet their entire lives of hardly anything but Roundup-Ready, genetically-modified corn. (P.S. Cows are not supposed to eat corn.)

And, yeah, there’s more. Regulators have even discovered a hidden viral gene in GMO crops. Specifically, “the most common genetic regulatory sequence in commercial GMOs also encodes a significant fragment of a viral gene.”

Hey wait — viruses can cause cancer. And since genes mutate on their own, and differently each time, according to their whims … what could possibly go wrong?

"Fat David" by Hans Arthur Schmidt ... wonder if he's hungry

although moderately active and health-conscious, David was entirely unaware he’d been eating chemical shellgames in place of food since the 1990s

ProfitProAg, the company who did the analysis, verified the document’s authenticity via phone.


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  1. Ms. Burkes,

    Just discovered your blog. You, my dear, are bananas.

    Glad we’re on the same team.


  2. who did this study? Please email me. I want to use it but will not without citing a source. I’m sorry, but I need to be verifiable. I have seen this chart making the rounds but never any attribution, cites or sources.

  3. Yes, identifying the source would be great as we could all do with a laugh. Fancy presenting a soil analysis as a food nutritional analysis, inserting other questionable data and expecting to get away with it. I guess the author was counting on the scientific illiteracy and gross stupidity of the anti-GM crowd. By the number of times this rubbish has been reposted all over the internet it is clear that the author was correct in his assessmet of the anti-crowd.

    1. Hi there rude person possibly paid by a certain biotech behemoth to spend all day online insulting-not-debunking valid studies and blog posts,

      Just now I spoke to Dr. Jim Ladlie, a researcher from ProfitProAg.com, the source you failed to see listed in the original article. He verified that the test reflects a grain sample, not a soil sample. So this is a food analysis, not a soil analysis, done by a company interested in finding good food-grade corn.

      Further info, which you could also get just by picking up the telephone: The farmer in Albert-Lea, MN grew non-GMO corn side-by-side with a field full of GMO corn for ten years. Both Pioneer-variety corn, identical in breed, they produced dramatically different yield at harvest: The non-GMO corn netted 70 cents more per bushel of corn than the genetically-modified crop, and plus, the no-GMO weighed 4 to 5 more pounds in test weight, which adds up to another $25 per acre.

      When you give cows genetically-modified cornfeed, they become sick. GMO is only one side of the problem, Dr. Ladlie says — the other problem is glysophate (found in Roundup), which is both a chelator (sucks all nutrients out) and a biocide (obvious word meaning). The universities in the Midwest have been systematically bought off by Big Ag, so they’re not talking about how non-GMO-fed cows maintain better auto-immune systems, require fewer antibiotics, increase their milk production, and don’t get sick from ruminating on nutrition-less corn-type uselessness.

      Say, that reminds me of when the bought-off universities in Louisiana and on the Gulf Coast conveniently stopped studying the effects of the BP oil spill and hid the research they’d already acquired. That was rough. We saw the influence of money waved around by those that don’t give a toss about keeping the Earth in balance. They blockaded us journalists on the scene, and online, BP and Halliburton hired trolls just like you.

  4. Summer Burkes, I’m anti-GM,
    However, you don’t say where you got your figures comparing nutritional value of GMO corn to non GMO corn. How about posting your source? I can’t use your figures unless I have the published source, or at least A source.

    1. Hi Joanna,

      I listed the source, ProfitProAg, at the bottom of the article but seems people couldn’t see it, so I added a link below the chart itself. Dr. Jim Ladlie is the person I spoke to on the phone. Thanks!

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