convert to biodiesel and save the whales

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J/K it was fracking; no big deal. Right? Just dumping apocalyptic carcinogens into everyone’s most precious and life-giving common resource. This is literally not being considered an act of war ONLY because spillionaires did it.

Shrinking aquifers in California have now been contaminated by fracking chemicals. That has happened. Fracking drills into and explodes bedrock shale formations around our breadbasket, and blasts out a negligible amount of hydrocarbons with toxic sludge, which leaks into the groundwater (again, our f**king common resource).

This means our nation’s farm foods are being watered, during this unprecedented and awful drought, with a chemical relative of Agent Orange. Now that’s homegrown terrorism.

Also, the United States of Weapons Contractors has a perpetual war problem. “We” have now bombed Syria — the seventh country for our nation’s President to blanket with American-made explosives since he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Reminder: The American military exempts itself from environmental laws, even as it consumes more petroleum products per year than some medium-sized countries.

glenn greenwald congratulates Raytheon and other weapons manufacturers on skyrocketing stocks

Except for the rubes, we’re all more aware at this point that events in the known world usually tie in to an oft-disguised fight for the rest of its below-ground ooze.

Within this generation, we can change things, using fun and easy solutions. The world is positively uniting against oil tyranny. With BRICS about to knock American petrodiesel off its styrofoam mountain, you — little ol’ you — can easily fight the double-government beast and strenghthen national security at the same time.

It boils down to this: If you really want to stop war, and you live in a spot that’s not too wintery all year, get a diesel car and learn to run biodiesel in it, at least in the summertime. No, you don’t have to “convert” your car to biodiesel — you’re thinking of a different fueling method called SVO, or straight vegetable oil, which necessitates an engine conversion.

You don’t have to change anything about your diesel vehicle to put your first tank of biodiesel in it. Made of fry grease; no wars fought over it. Win-win. Today.

Caveat: We’re talking to the class of people here who are car-savvy enough to buy vehicles used off Craigslist and then sort-of know what they’re looking at under the hood — or those who have someone in their lives they trust who can show them down the cleaner fueling path. You’ll have to watch and replace your fuel filters and fuel hoses, as explained below, but that’s the only barrier to biodiesel switchover besides cold weather.

If no biodiesel pump exists in your town, find one nearby with this locator. If no pump exists anywhere around you, this means you have to develop connections and reach out to a community of like-minded folks wanting to re-use vegetable oil to fuel their cars, trucks, and furnaces because it makes darn good sense. Enough interest can spur a gas station in your town to install a biodiesel pump, like the one in our town did.

the biodiefsel cycle - from crops to fuel

“But I don’t know how to work on diesel cars,” you may be saying. Exclaim this to a group of auto mechanics and watch almost all of them say in unison, “you won’t have to work on a diesel nearly as much as a gasoline engine.” Why? Because it’s a superior engine.

Here’s how it starts: You get a used diesel car, the engine of which is probably sticky with gunk from dirty petro-diesel. Biodiesel is so clean it’s a solvent for other dirts: You fill your tank with biodiesel and drive like normal until you start to lose power on hills. This could take days or months, depending on the amount of gunk in your engine.

For older cars, you’ll also want to replace all the rubber fuel-line hoses with more impenetrable fluorastomer hose like Viton. Biodiesel eats through rubber.

Losing power in acceleration while driving means your fuel filters are full of that gunk. This happens gradually, not suddenly on the highway, so if you pay attention you’ll catch it. Change your fuel filters and repeat, until the engine is clean.

If you don’t stay on top of these things during your transition to biodiesel, any fuel lines you haven’t yet replaced with Viton may clog or rupture. Some folks start with B20, then work up to higher percentages of biodiesel as their engine cleans gradually. Another option is mixing biodiesel and diesel, which are interchangeable in your tank.

Fuel filters are cheap, and with a Chilton guide, changing them is usually easy. Fuel lines, too. Becoming a biodiesel user also gives you a sense of can-do DIY sovereignty over your car and your environmentalism. This contribution to the non-raping of Earth seems meager, but adds up over time. And with the horrifically accelerating acidification of the oceans, time is something we don’t have much of.

cheney - his company invented and exempted fracking from the clean water act, clean air act, and safe drinking water act

Yeah. Fracking: the worst idea ever, brought to you by Cheney, the guy who also unleashed an army of private mercenaries in New Orleans after Katrina and profited immensely from BP’s oilspill. He likes to start wars — bomb countries, rather — privatizing soldiers’ care to himself and directing his company build buildings to be destroyed later by newly-radicalized insurgents or another wave of American bombs.

The most criminal and Earth-destroying Halliburton’s loophole exempts fracking — the whole industry — from the Safe Water Drinking Act, and allows the behemoth to keep secret what’s in those fracking chemicals they just fracked into the water source California uses to grow the food America eats.

Pardon us for the repetition but: Our food is fracked now.

“Only 16 companies stand to significantly benefit from this exemption from clean water laws: Anadarko, BP, Burlington Resources, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, Dominion Resources, EOG Resources, Evergreen Resources, Halliburton, Marathon Oil, Oxbow (Gunnison Energy), Tom Brown, Western Gas Resources, Williams Cos and XTO. These companies gave nearly $15 million to federal candidates—with more than three-quarters of that total going to Republicans. Moreover, the 16 companies spent more than $70 million lobbying Congress.”     -from “Halliburton’s Loophole,” written in 2006; imagine how much worse it’s gotten since then

none of this stuff is in biodiesel

“keep it in the ground, a-holes” – the boogie man in the ocean

Because of trillions of dollars in worldwide petrodiesel subsidies, biodiesel costs slightly more at the pump than petro-diesel. But you, non-Walmart shopper who carries her own cloth grocery bags and uses as little plastic and styrofoam as possible … you, Biodiesel Purchaser, get the extreme satisfaction of not indirectly participating in bombing babies and granaries in Syria.

The best part of biodiesel is fueling up and not fainting from exhaust fumes, because it’s so non-poisonous you could technically drink it.  (This is not recommended, derp.)

How non-poisonous are we talking? Check out a sample MSDS for biodiesel, as compared to the MSDS for gasoline or for petrodiesel. Basically, they say this: if you spill ooze-fuel, get out the hazmat suits because everyone’s getting cancer. If you spill biodiesel, hose it off into a ditch so nobody slips on it.

He Soaked Up The Spill For Our Sins - BP oilspill Gulf art

“He Soaked Up The Spill For Our Sins” – artist unknown


Biodiesel is actually the original diesel fuel, if we’re going by the engine inventor’s terms, and petro-diesel is the invader fuel.

[Rudolph] Diesel originally thought that the diesel engine, (readily adaptable in size and utilizing locally available fuels) would enable independent craftsmen and artisans to endure the powered competition of large industries that then virtually monopolized the predominant power source-the oversized, expensive, fuel-wasting steam engine.

Rudolph Diesel  invented his superior engine in 1893, debuted it to great acclaim at the World’s Fair in 1900, and was thrown overboard on an English Channel boat ride back to his German homeland in 1913, leaving those wacky Rockefellers and oil barons to stage a fuel coup.

The oil barons’ inferior, devil-from-underground petrodiesel solution answered two major questions for America’s new oiligarchs:

1) Why should farmers be able to fuel their own communities regionally when we can develop destructive and proprietary methods for extracting ooze, and use our considerable might to make this obvious poison the preferred fuel in America?, and

2) With Rudolph Diesel and Nikola Tesla out of the way, how can we throw gun-running and arms deals in there, plan and start a series of world wars over this ooze, and always reap heavy profits atop a pile of bloody bodies and dead wildlife?

“Diesel expected that his engine would be powered by vegetable oils (including hemp) and seed oils. At the 1900 World’s Fair, Diesel ran his engines on peanut oil. Later, George Schlichten invented a hemp ‘decorticating’ machine that stood poised to revolutionize paper making. Henry Ford demonstrated that cars can be made of, and run on, hemp. Evidence suggests a special-interest group that included the DuPont petrochemical company, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon (Dupont’s major financial backer), and the newspaper man William Randolph Hearst mounted a yellow journalism campaign against hemp. Hearst deliberately confused psychoactive marijuana with industrial hemp, one of humankind’s oldest and most useful resources. DuPont and Hearst were heavily invested in timber and petroleum resources, and saw hemp as a threat to their empires. Petroleum companies also knew that petroleum emits noxious, toxic byproducts when incompletely burned, as in an auto engine. Pollution was important to Diesel and he saw his engine as a solution to the inefficient, highly polluting engines of his time. In 1937 DuPont, Mellon and Hearst were able to push a “marijuana” prohibition bill through Congress in less than three months, which destroyed the domestic hemp industry.” –


an image search reveals Rudolf Diesel is immortalized in several European stamps. like Tesla would be in America if his technology wasn't also suppressed by the oiligarch Skeksis, who power the world on the screams of the poor. ahem

an image search reveals Rudolf Diesel is immortalized in several European stamps. like Tesla would be in America if his technology wasn’t also suppressed by the oiligarch Skeksis, who power the world on the screams of the poor. ahem


Some say in poorer countries biodiesel could mess with the food supply because farmers grow virgin crops for fuel stock in place of sustenance crops. Let’s just start with America, and clarify that modern humans consume enough fried foods to make a whole heck of a lot of biodiesel from the runoff waste vegetable oil we generate. Instead of throwing fry grease in a landfill, we should be shunting it to local or regional fuel-making stations … almost as Rudolph Diesel intended, but instead of using virgin crops for fuel stock, we get chicken tendys and French fries first.

Here’s a chart showing diesel vs. biodiesel vs. vegetable grease engine performance analyzed.

Even Willie Nelson is into it. And selling it. So many truckers are fueling with biodiesel because of him, the Red-Headed Stranger just may bring about world peace through green plants yet.

Side note: Diesel engines create more obvious black exhaust with heavier molecules that fall downward, as motorcycle riders know — ride behind a diesel and you get coated with a thin film of pollution. Gas engine exhaust pollution, on the other hand, travels up into the atmosphere, where it’s currently warming the planet like a toaster oven and causing acid rain.

from - see the US face off against China as the biggest CO2 hog on Earth. Imagine if all the trucks & boats bringing consumer goods ran biodiesel instead. Same level of CO2 on the output but not during production. Fry grease is much easier to recycle than pulling ooze out da ground or exploding bedrock and pumping death-chemicals in groundwater to frack up the planet

from – see the US face off against China as the biggest CO2 hog on Earth. Imagine if all the trucks & boats bringing consumer goods ran biodiesel instead. Same level of CO2 on the output but not during production. Fry grease is much easier to recycle than pulling ooze out da ground or exploding bedrock and pumping death-chemicals in groundwater to frack up the planet

Surely you’ve heard by now half the wildlife on Earth has vanished within Generation X’s lifetime. Already hunters say there are no frogs left to gig in California rivers, streams, and lakes. The endocrine disruptors from chemical fertilizers and pesticides made with petroleum have started to kill everything. IT IS HAPPENING; this is not a test. Get a diesel car & run biodiesel in it, for Earth’s sake.

We didn’t order this life. We know it’s bullshit and we drop out when we can. GenX’s modus operandi so far has been to disable the beast by unplugging, one by one, as humanity makes its way toward revolutionary solutions like free energy and cold fusion. In the interim, if you really really want to help, don’t get a new Prius-type car — get a diesel on Craigslist and make that vehicle your non-toxifyin’, biodiesel-runnin’, war-pig-stabbin’ wagon.

Think of all the fry grease this country uses. Who doesn’t love fried stuff, and secretly, that fetid smell of the dumpster behind one’s local fried-chicken restaurant or fish camp? Think of how many wars would stop being fought over what’s in the ground around the Middle East, or otherwise what has to be shaken from exploded bedrock, using chemically-befouled water containing endocrine distruptors faceless corporations pump into California’s aqueducts: Our. Common. Resource.

guess where the fracking is

guess where the fracking is

The long view includes switching tankers, semis, cruise ships, and all other major diesel engines to biodiesel made from hemp, which grows as densely packed together plants 10-15 feet tall, four times a year in the same plot of land with no petro-chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

If American industry went biodiesel, both America and the world would be on its way to cleaner times. But as we know, oiligarch Skeskis be runnin’ thangs. We are going to have to start the ball rolling ourselves.

If not just this writer’s truck, but your car, and your truck, and yours … were biodiesel, the wolves in the American throne room would be left alone with their ooze. We would have enough ooze all by ourselves, and not from frickin’ fracking.

Only hippies would be fighting each other in the streets for the rights to this or that fish camp’s dumpster-grease. They’d be sliding around in the middle of the road while the townspeople laughed and threw Panko crumbs at them.
What a wonderful world that could be.

even our cake is fracked

even our cake is fracked

Disclosure: This writer almost got killed by those oil companies back in 2010 when the Deepwater Horizon exploded and the Feds, the Coast Guard, BP, and Halliburton responded by using chemical weapons — Corexit, a relative of Monsanto’s Agent Orange, and also the fracking chemicals now lacing California’s aquifers — on all of us, over land and sea. So biodiesel is a personal issue, and it’s safe to say there’s an unhidden agenda: Biodiesel is Good. Get some.

UPDATE: Biodiesel pump in town has been closed tue to ‘state regulations’. *cough*BULLSHIT*cough*


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