road trip: “they sure gotcha, didn’t they?”

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March 13, 2007 – CA to AZ

(… sitting with the dog in a $27 room at the Needles Inn, on the CA/AZ border, waiting for the mechanic down the street to change the thermostat, which started malfunctioning last night. Not even out of CA and already with the. Meh, it comes with the territory.)

The 1987 Plymouth Reliant K-Car we are traveling in was painted a crappy white when we got it from Bill the Junkman, our car father who art the junklord at Ace Auto Dismantlers.

The car was cheap and charming, with dents and rust and half-torn-off stickers everywhere from being a San Francisco City vehicle in the late ’80s and then salvaged from a junkyard.

So for HELL ON WHEELS, Cyclecide‘s 2006 Halloween ‘Pedal Monster’ event last year at the SF Bike Kitchen / Cellspace parking lot, we commissioned Buter and Jase to each paint one side of it and collaborate on the roof, trunk, and hood.

Buter and Jase have both been featured in Juxtapoz and designed shoes for Reebok. They no joke.

That’s when a regular junkyard car became our pride and joy.

The new “shart car” clearly read “CYCLECIDE” on both sides, in stunning “urban” lettering … until a friend borrowed the vehicle and, in an altered state, left it in the Tenderloin overnight to be vandalized by a couple mouth-breathing taggers who wrote their initials in white paint on one side and just made a scribbly mark on the other.

Fork those guys in the A-hole. Still love the car.

Many regular folx on the street still assume this paint job was done without our permission. Sometimes we evangelize about graffiti art; sometimes we just smile and say “yep.” We have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of that in our near future. The “yep” side.

Can’t do anything illegal in this beast. No sir. Hey, cops, over here …. Kids on buses in the greater Los Angeles area apparently like to throw rocks at cars, and yesterday on the 10 we were a big, multicolored moving target.

Half an hour later, some sarcastic hoodrat yelled out his window “2006 RULES!” … the artwork is signed and dated “2006.”

Well, like all graffiti it needs to be covered over with other graffiti eventually. If we make it there, we’ll see if someone in NOLA has cans and feels like fancying the old gal up with a fresh coat of glorious urban blight.

If not, maybe Buter and Jase gots some more ideas …


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