Circus Tinsel At Cyclecide Drunkyard Show Photo By Summer Burkes

How to make ‘circus tinsel’ like Cyclecide

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We ‘ve been stripping for a week. Making strips of fabric, that is. Cutting cutting cutting. For days on end.

The project ended up looking like some clowns got trapped in a shredder, but hopefully in a good way.

‘Circus tinsel’ is what we’ve been calling it. Although that term sounds a little 90s — and we got even more sketched when a housemate last night said we looked like we were making a Maypole … so we’ve also been referring to it ‘Steven Tyler’s Microphone Safety Third Delineator Tape,’ or somesuch.

We travelling band of miscreants really know how to throw great parties with colorful-and-sturdy-yet-inexpensive decorations, which later turn into something foldable, washable, reusable, and small. Party in a bag.

Summer Burkes Circus Tinsel for Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

The intent is to style Cyclecide’s pedal-powered carnival midway to look flittery and circusy. Our usual junk-ride-barricade method of CAUTION tape not only barely delineates the safety areas — it’s also made of flimsy petroleum product, and therefore quite easy for a dumb-head Weasel Knievel to bomb through it on a tallbike and get kicked in the throat by someone on the Ferris Wheel or whichever ride.

But who wants to get clotheslined by repurposed denim and subsequently tangled up in a clown-clothes fabric-strip mess? Hopefully nobody.

For the strippy material, we started with some of the discarded clothing from the free box in our house — choosing bright colors and whatnot, and fashioning them into two-or-three-inch-wide, yard-long sections. Also, Rose gave us bags and bags of cuttings left over from her side-project job of making bellydancing skirts to vend at the events and conventions she attends with Ultra Gypsy and the Barbary Coast Shakedown. Plenty of glittery items in those bags.

The delineator ‘rope’ on which the tatters are tied is made of the seams of jeans discarded after the Maker Faire clothing swap. So the tinsel is as strong as a Jay Broemmel weld. Hopefully it’ll look impressive once all the yards and yards AND YARDS of it are installed at Pedal Monster and the photos start rolling in.

That’s not ALL we’ve been doing to get ready for our big weekend. We’re just proud we found another Cyclecide-style DIY no-cost solution to a potentially expensive problem (i.e. we can’t afford / don’t have room to store a bunch of metal riot-barrier gates, so this will suffice). It’s light, it’s portable, and if you’re a mutant biker throwing impromptu jousts and events, it could seriously cut down on ambulance-calling time.

Rider still assumes all risk, of course.

Circus Tinsel At Cyclecide Drunkyard Show Photo By Summer Burkes

See? Put Christmas lights on your circus tinsel & make it even more exciting. Sorry about the picture quality; the camera was drunk in the Drunkyard at a Cyclecide show.


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