Cyclecide: The Loaded Warrior

In cacophony, cyclecide bike rodeo by summerburkes

‘A remake of the greatest action movie ever, The Road Warrior, A.K.A. Mad Max 2. San Francisco’s Cyclecide Bike Rodeo replaces cars with bikes and gas with beer.

A film by Jay Broemmel, Taylor Fitzgerald, and Steven Bellesiles. Warning: contains violence, nudity, drunkenness, & exploding Pomeranians.’

This writer managed to be in most of the shoots and successfully avoid the cameras, as usual. Still got the scars from swinging an authentic metal spiked mace above our own head, and making contact with it — KUNK, that painful meat-smack sound — during the beer-invasion scene. Good times!

Big Daddy Lord Humongous Loaded Warrior


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