Fauxtest SF 2013, Wavy Gravy, and the English Disco Lovers: Nontroversy

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Only in San Francisco would the thirtysomethingth-year-annual Saint Stupid’s Day Parade not suffice for the clowntemporary poli-tickle set. Introducing Fauxtest SF.

Imagine First Church of the Last Laugh recombined with its parent company the Cacophony Society, and spit out the other side of #Occupy to re-ridiculize any potential self-seriousness. Nontroversial bro-testers were allowed to air petty annoyances and bland opinions about nothing and randoms this past Friday:

Fauxtest 2013 San Francisco

from FuncheapSF.com

from FuncheapSF.com

Bay Areans are long practiced in the spiritual art of making an ass of oneself in order to mASSacre an unwieldy ego. Who needs a theRAPIST when a clown nose and a conniption fit work just as well?

… No word yet on whether San Francisco’s notoriously good-humored cops fake-billyclubbed someone or pretended to pepper-spray paradegoers. Heyooooo!

@Danger_Ranger, one of the original Fauxtesters from Cacophonous times immemorial, and friends #fauxtest2013

@Danger_Ranger, one of the original Fauxtesters from Cacophonous times immemorial, and friends


… and in case yall were wonderin’ who the dang paterfamilias of this whole shebang is, it’s the King of the Clowns, Wavy Gravy. Watch his new documentary Saint Misbehavin’ if you think the original hippies weren’t tough, or that laughter isn’t the best uh … well, the best.

Related: The newly-formed English Disco Lovers organization, or EDL, is currently overtaking the dogwhistle-racist, hatery English Defence League in a polyfaceted polyester coup of both search-engine popularity and feelgood PR. Join the cause, won’t you? Allya gotta do is Google “English Disco Lovers EDL,” and/or go to EDL.me. Boom (chicka boom) — you’re a dancefloor clicktivist.


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