Burning Man ’07 pre-cleanup vacation: From Black Rock to Bonneville

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Oh, nothing. Just, you know, going to see the most beautiful cars in the universe, that’s all. No big deal. (self-satisfied sigh)

Burning Man’s first days of cleanup make for infrequent blog postings.

Apologies, but anyone who’s been out to the Black Rock Desert in a labor-type capacity knows it’s impossible to get by without physically working on something all day. You just do it because you have a strong work ethic, and/or because if you don’t, you’ll be asked to leave. It’s also impossible not to be so exhausted by day’s end you either crash right after dinner, or accidentally DJ a dance party for Face’s birthday at the Black Rock Saloon. (Hypothetically.)

Not sure anyone knows this, but it gets really hot in the desert in the middle of the day. Picking up someone else’s trash can make a girl a little … testy.

So we’re taking a break before we burn out. You know where else it’s hot? The Bonneville Salt Flats, where we will watch some friends from New Orleans race at the World of Speed.

Which has been a dream since childhood, implanted through osmosis by our engine-loving, race-car-driving, airplane-mechanic-teaching relatives … and ossified with our first viewing of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


Prior to the event’s end, this writer was appointed a cleanup manager (“MANAGER”! HAHAHAHAAAA…ha…heh…hm) for Gate and Perimeter’s personal camping area. Apparently the “Black Hole” was red on the MOOP map last year (that’s “they left a lot of stuff behind for the DPW to clean up” in BM-talk) and the Hydra — our three-man Gate management team — didn’t want that to happen again. So Thirteen and we had to clean up after the boys, basically. They were too burned out.

We had our girl Bloody Knuckles helping us, too, so we kicked ass and took names. Especially the name of that one dude from a different department who squatted (by invitation) on our real estate, post-event, and then — even after we personally made sure he understood the Gate’s-on-thin-ice situation — he merely packed up his belongings and left the rest for us to clean. We’re talking human hair, carpet pieces, tiny coals, astro-turf frayings, wrappers, and big dunes that collected around his domicile, filled with more of the same … thanks dude.


Another day, another ancient fossilized lakebed filled with visually entertaining evidence of the limits of human accomplishment. Yep, life is good. Off to the races.


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