by DJ Vlad, starring Keak da Sneak, Too Short, Mack Dre, E40, sideshows, thizz

Ghost Ride the Whip: The Hyphy Movement

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Late to the party, what with dropping out of society to return to nature and all, but:

It used to be our job to editorialize about music and movies, so we don’t feel like it now, other than to say that while watching this, two things:

1) being geographically located in the Bay Area, a region where anti-serious subcultures explode in a continuous and eternal kaleidoscope of hilarity, and 2) how cultural leaders in NorCal tend to promote safe ways to be dangerous, rather than shushing kids, keeping secrets, and shielding young minds and bodies from all experiences in the hopes they’ll never hurt themselves.

That whole shielding thing? It leads to awful stilted Adult ™ calamities like the Federal Reserve, closeted gay Republican Congressmen, agoraphobics, hypochondriacs, couch potatoes, and fundamentalist Mormons. Obviously it’s better to put on some ridiculous sunglasses, turn up the bass, make silly faces, do silly dances, and watch urban rednecks do car tricks with friends.

by DJ Vlad, starring Keak da Sneak, Too Short, Mack Dre, E40, sideshows, thizz

Yeah yeah we know we know, car ‘sideshows’ are dangerous. Thizz is extremely dangerous to growing brains. But teenagers do dangerous things. And if they do dangerous things well, then they usually move to the Bay Area when they grow up.

Whether the rider gets around on a chopped motorbike, a tallbike, a scraper bike, a kinetic sculpture, or a horse in a Renaissance faire, they all roll on the knowledge that the San Francisco Bay Area is the undisputed global champion of Wacky Chaos as an art form.


Bonus: YADADAMEAN by the A’z. Our personal favorite hyphy song, featuring a cameo by Jocko the Klown of Cyclecide (on the BMX bike); video shot at our favorite and now-probably-gentrified old brokedown graffiti site in waterfront dogpatch SF:


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