Glamping at Camp Tipsy 2012

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Our dear old boss and longtime Cacophonist ringmonster Chicken John threw a party last weekend at a reservoir in the hills near Sacramento, CA and everyone made boats out of junk.

As the living-legend crooner Freddie Price of Rube Waddell would say, it was fundamentally similar to outstanding.

Camp Tipsy 2012, NorCal

Rule #1: If you make your boat out of anything that’s not junk or something you found on the free page of Craigslist, you’re doing it wrong. We cheated and brought our kayaks. Well, we couldn’t help it. Turns out the buckets we’d been hoarding for pontoons didn’t seal properly, and fish don’t like glue.

Ladies' Guide to the Apocalypse 2012 goes camping

The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse and the Dixiecutioner of search the California gold country for back roads and old bones

Chicken John's Camp Tipsy 2012

Thank you Jeebus for the cloud cover cuz it was HAWT. The homemade junkboat in the foreground is a slip’n’slide. Someone throws a bucket of water on it, you run and Superman-it down the plastic, and in the end, you get not a faceful of grass but a dunk in the East Park Reservoir. Squee. at Chicken John's Camp Tipsy 2012

The Dixiecutioner’s setup = glamping supreme. Her Prius provides electrical power for lights, fan, and music inside the Trailmaster transformer-trailer, which turns into a sturdy canvas vardo-type apartment. Then you fold it all up, back into a trailer, and put your stuff in it and go home. WANT!

Ladies' Guide to the Apocalypse shade structure at Camp Tipsy 2012

Beta test for the Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse shade structure, made mostly from Obtainium: free-box calico prints, old pillowcases, and some remnant fabric pieces purchased for a song at The Legacy – Sebastopol, CA’s finest craft thrift store. French seams, ladies, double-topstitched for the wind. Here’s what to do with your carport shade structure long after the original skin has weathered and fallen off.

homemade junk boat swingset

An obvious favorite.

Junk boats at Chicken John's Camp Tipsy 2012

Clowngineering (TM)

Slouchcycles / Cyclecide pedal-powered canoe

Leave it to Slouchcycles / Cyclecide Bike Rodeo lead designer and “Loaded Warrior” filmmaker Jay Broemmel to over-engineer a sweet-ass pedal-powered canoe

Boat Contest at Chicken John's Camp Tipsy 2012

Sunday’s boat contest was no doubt the most chaotic water-rally of floating monstrosities ever recorded in Northern California or maybe even the world. A strict “don’t give alcohol to anyone ever for any reason / don’t get drunk and become a liablility / no motors / watch all kids” policy at Camp Tipsy, delivered in Chicken John’s usual comic-aggressive style, prevented anyone from drowning. Good clean fun is the new punk rock!

Someone in Chicken John's crew made all these, but I'm not sure who yet.

Boat contest trophies made from … you guessed it … junk. Bravo. Categories: Boat most likely to kill pilot; worst design; worst implementation; least like a boat; boat most likely to cause an argument; boat most likely to get pilot laid …

made strictly from 'obtainium,' the world's most precious element

“Boats” made strictly from ‘obtainium,’ the world’s most precious element. It’s not just a bunch of junk … it’s a bunch of junk that FLOATS. Camp Tipsy 2012: It’s not the heat — it’s the stupidity.



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  1. Love your descriptions & pictures of the contest. One comment though, this is totally not ‘glamping’ you should call it ‘tramping’ (trashy camping) LOL I don’t mean this as an insult, but glamping brings to mind pink boas and glitter – this is so not that!! You’ve given me some ideas for my next tramping trip ;0)

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