Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana

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… super near to Pearlington, MS, where Burners Without Borders responded to the Katrina horror there over four years ago.

spooky bridge. 5 hours’ advance time required fer to get’m t’ raise it up f’r ya (p.s. it’s hard to write in Cajun accent without biting Mark Twain and/or sounding like an eejit)

cajun (tour place) H.Q. — rebuilt from scratch after That Thing Which Pummeled The Coast 4 Years Ago

pregnant banana tree

swamp trees

more swamp trees. we found out recently that as a twentysomething growing up in Mississippi, Dad used to cut down “cypress stumps” (baby trees) and make lamps out of them. What an art-fart redneck. this is extremely illegal now, becuase cypress are endangered from dads like dad doing things like that

sure, it COULD be Dagobah… but if Yoda made this sign, he wouldn’t have posted it with a couple 3-inch screws that created multiple open wounds which are killing the tree it’s posted on (true story)

almighty, almighty, this is PBR street gang. Radio check. Over

Alfred the Giant Spider lives in the hole in this tree. He creeps out at dusk, avoiding predatory birds and such, to drum a little beat on the stumps and get the minnows to swim up and dance. Then he eats them

our new happy place

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    Love Anna

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