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Look who’s in 7x7SF Magazine

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The Cacophony Society has a feature in the new issue of 7×7 Magazine, and there’s us (hi Mom!). Swear we were on a journalistic assignment in this picture, and not just dressing up for Brides of March like a regular Cacophony kook. Although we were. Doing that. Too.

… also, we discovered that, thanks to the wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, all the old “Dilettante” columns are now online again! (RIP San Francisco Bay Guardian, our most beloved former employer.)

Enjoy this look back at the era of big raves, small backpacks, dot-com party budgets, non-stop spectacles, and the obtainium-scrounging clowngineers we would come to call our ‘beat.’

The Internet Archive has a Wayback Machine, where one may find lost columns from early Internet times if you've got the URL.

“Summer Burkes’s Dilettante – She Goes Out So You Don’t Have To.” … how times have changed … ::peaceful birdsong, wind rustling through leaves, a rushing stream::

photo by Julie Giacomazzi

also we were totally on assignment during this picture. really, we really were. #Santarchy

Below is the Cacophony Society article in 7×7 Magazine. Hopefully they don’t get mad at us for pirating it but we’re just so proud. Writer Schuyler Bailey really GETS IT.

You should buy the hard copy anyway, since it’s the Punk / Counterculture / Drag issue and it’s gorgeous.

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